Heres my team for killing a Red Titan

I’m looking for some help on what characters (5 stars) I should be using for Red Titans. I’m only just now getting (what I think are) some decent/great heroes but I’m looking for some team suggestions. The current team I’m thinking about using (still have to level some of them) is Frida, Magni, Misandra, Vela and Tarlak. I know Tarlak isn’t blue but I don’t have another strong attack boost thats blue. I do have Wu Kong (Yellow I know) but I seem to be getting more screwed then helped (at times) with misses. I also realize that I don’t have a blue healer in there (I’m trying to get Ariel but so far no luck…and I’ve spent a lot of money trying to get her…trust me).

I’ve been playing this game for a little over a year but theres still A LOT of Legendaries I don’t have so take that into account when making your suggestions please. Thanks for the help/critique.

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The team you list is pretty good. Tarlak replaced by Miki would be ideal but you don’t have that probably

In order to give more in depth advice, perhaps you could provide:

  • what other heroes you have ascended, mostly blues. For example Kiril?

  • What other heroes you have unascended who we could advise you to think about ascending

  • What level of Titan you are attacking

That’s a pretty solid team. If you’re trying to get big hits you need to focus on maximizing tile damage. Best way to do that is to have multiple buffs and defense downs that stack. Here’s my team.


Items are key to great titans hits as well. Harpoons when the titan is stunned, a tornado when the board is dry, a timestop just before a titan’s special fires, a well-timed scroll of alteration… You don’t need to use the harder-to-craft items every hit to be among your alliance leaders on titans—one or two hits out of 4-6 hits can be enough to put you into A or B range. Use the easier to craft banners and axes and arrows on your other hits, and try to stun as much as possible.

Your blue heroes all look solid though. If you wanna post the other blues you have as options, that’ll help us with suggestions.

Miki is obviously the white whale you’re missing.

Miki would be great
Otherwise I would swap misandra for a grimm with emblems

I use almost that same team as I don’t have Vêla but have Alice in her place,

I also tried Isarina but she is too slow for titans.

Mine is identical except I use Ariel in place of the Vela.

A blue def debuffer like Grimm or Isarnia helps increasing your tile damage further, it stacks with frida‘s ele def debuff.

Kiril with +attack also in, it stacks with Tarlak‘s special.

I would swap out vela and Magni, keeping the Chance of the mana gain from Misandra.

I’ve tried Isarnia a few times on 9 and 10 star titans and although your correct your also constantly needing for best results 100% mana potions to activate her special if it lucky enough to get it off before she dies.
That’s why I have up on her for titans.

The other 5 star blues that I have are as follows: Richard, Thorne and Isarnia. I have most if not all of the non-event 4 star blues. I don’t have Miki (thought she was crap when I first saw her because I wasn’t thinking about heroes for Titan damage I was looking for just normal offense/defense heroes and, at the time, she didn’t peak my interest in either). I now know I was wrong…so very very wrong…lol.

I’m glad to hear that Grimm’s ability stacks with Frida’s. I was wondering if it did. I do have Grimm at max level tier 3…so…theres some work to be done there. Unfortunately most of my Blues aren’t max leveled (which also means that they don’t have any emblems) and the ONE that is (Magni) is only first rank/point into the talent tree.

I have a ways to go for sure so I’m not stressing about getting my team together. I’m just doing some advanced scouting you could say in preparation for the attack…lol. Thanks again for all of your help/suggestions. I’ll definitely be referring back to this page for points/help. :smiley:

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I find Isarnia way better than Grimm for my titan hits…


My Isarnia is maxed, has costume bonus and some emblems.
My Grimm is +0… I have too many excellent 5* barbarians to be sharing emblems with him (BK, Kage, G.Kong, Mok Arr).

Mine is maxed+11 also but haven’t got the costume as yet though.

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In general it comes down to tiles…

With mine, her tiles hit FAR harder than Grimm and that’s enough even without the extra 10% defence drop she gives (like most hero’s, she’s better if you don’t use her costume, but max it for the bonus).

Totally agree, but for some reason our titans like to kill her off first and she rarely gets to be of any great use.
It’s the only reason I don’t use her for titans

Makes sense - it’s important to pay attention to your own results and if you’re finding you get better scores with other hero’s then so be it!

It’s weird though, I’d really expect to see better scores with Isarnia or Grimm in there… But Grimm is going to need a lot of emblems to outperform Isarnia - if you think she’s flimsy, Grimm is much more so.

I’d put Kiril in too if possible.

Just my opinion, but I would leave a Vela there. Doesn’t seem much but the Crit chance makes a difference

True… But the DoT slows you down also, which costs you time and points.

I would think the two cancel each other out a bit…


The only reason I didn’t want to use Isarnia was because of her SLOW mana gain. I was looking for heroes with either fast or, at worst, average mana speed so they can all, more or less, keep up with each others ults. I’m all for using her…nothing against it now that its been explained to me. I’ll keep trying for Miki when I see her come up cause she’ll immediately replace Tarlak. I tried to get Alise as well from the event summons…got the other 3 featured heroes but…nope…not her…I’M NOT MAD AT ALL… >.> o.o <.< lol.

My luck for getting any costumes that I actually want is abysmally bad. I keep getting the same three 3 star costumes over and over again…granted I haven’t done too many costume pulls but yeah…mostly crappy repeats. It feels like unless they are the featured heroes my chance of getting the ones I actually want are…not good. I’ll keep trying though. This game is too much fun to stop now.


You can mana pot up Isarnia. And Miki is a dude.

Maybe I’m just slow anyway… :crazy_face:

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