Relaxed new Alliance

Hello everybody,

I decided to start my own (Dutch) Alliance named:

Don’t Worry @ Be Happy

Why? Because more and more this game begins to feel like work instead of fun and the rewards you are getting these days for doing all the assignments is just not worth the stress and also, the pressure you get from most people in the alliances, was reason enough to start my own. I just want to play this game with people who can enjoy the game and can stay relaxed. So, if you want to join me, please do so. You are very welcome!!

See you, Truusje@Geluk


I have the same feeling and priorities like you! We have over the time sorted a bunch of relaxed people playing for fun with no stress. And we definitely could use one more member of same mindset. You could check us out at -This is the way- :slight_smile: I know you just invested into new alliance and probably want to give it a try, but just take this as open invitation!

We at the moment do 8 or 9* titans and all are active in the war with quite good success :slight_smile:


Thx, I will keep it in mind!! :slight_smile:

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