Cheshire Cat or Ameonna?

I can’t decide. They are both really odd. Who gets my trap tools? Here is my bench.image image

I got both maxed. CC more tricky to be used than ameonna.

Ameonna just straight forward.

Between those 2, i’m weighing on ameonna first

CC also conflicts with Proteus. I’m leaning towards Ameonna.

Cheshire cat is more fun than ameonna. Plus the def down for yellow is helpful. Ameonna has sick tile damage but i would choose cat. I also have both.


Ceshire Cat …i love the poison dmg…:sweat_smile:

And now I’m on the fence again lol. CC moves tanks too…

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CC is very bit tricky to use. Random moving enemies make full health enemy become tank.

Just be careful when use him

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I used CC alot before my other guys out grew him. I haven’t used Ameona very much at all. I got her last Atlantis. She’s really handy in war, but has seen little use. I’m still thinking about it, but thanks for all the input everyone.

I’d go with the cat. Simply because he will be valuable against holy titans with his defense down against holy.

There’s an E&P thread dedicated to cats but none for creepy ghost girls so I vote for the kitty.

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Thanks yelnats_24. I should have done a search.

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I went with the cat. Mostly for titans. Thanks for all the help!

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