Ameonna or Cheshire

So my sorcerers are very limited. I have Ameonna 2-50, Cheshire Cat 1-18 and Skittles 1-33(not leveling) that is it. Who do i level? Why?

Why aren’t you leveling Skittleskull?
But, between Ameonna and Cheshire, i would go with the cat. His special skill will be more useful


I get not leveling Skittle… she’s slow and won’t be extremely useful as you progress through the game. Knowing that you’re low on sorcerers you may consider taking her to 3-60 eventually.

That being said, I agree that the cat is your best bet. My guess is he will be more useful in raids, wars and quests than the other 2.

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One more vote for the Cat. Ameonna hits like a truck, but it’s tough to use her special effectively. CC will be a better all-around hero.

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Amoenna is very useful in war against stronger teams, I team her with wu-Kong for desperation attacks, gives you 4 rounds to win, a gamble, but worked when both hit their Spezial. And I use her on holy titans as well. Cat can be teamed with these too in war/raid, but it’s rare that all 3 hit their Spezial.

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Rainbow teams

Do you have both a rainbow 3* 3.50 and a rainbow 4* 3.60 team ? ( see Notes).

Because Skittleskull is green 4* and Ameonna & Cat are purple 4*.

Sorcerer Quests

If you do not need a purple 4* hero for your rainbow 4* 3.60 team then Skittleskull to 4* 3.60 .

Completing class quests get you more emblems.

Even though I want to level Ameonna - to at least 4* 3.60 - I am leveling Sabina to 4* 4.70 to help with sorcerer class quests.

Skittleskull is more useful against the bosses for both sorcerer quest.

Attack debuff all bosses, neutral or strong damage versus Mysticism bosses, and neutral damage versus all but Scarlett for Shadow quest.

Green heroes are weak versus red mobs and purple heroes are weak versus purple mobs so none have a clear advantage versus the red & purple mons in sorcerer quests.

Sorcerer Graymane is actually strong versus red mobs but Fighter Valen is better so I can not recommend leveling Graymane just for sorcerer quest. Same goes for Sorcerer Jahangir ( neutral damage versus red mobs) and Cleric Hawkmoon.

I would recommend you level Skittleskull to 4* 3.60 then Cat to 4* 3.60, then Ameonna to 4* 3.60. Or swap Cat & Skittleskull if you need a purple 4* for your rainbow 4* 3.60 team.


Click for more info

Sorcerer emblems
(Deciding where to spend your class emblems [Math, Analysis])

4* Purple heroes
(Ameonna, Merlin or Tibs?)

4* 3.60 heroes and rainbow teams

Collection of useful links especially for new players

(“Rage Quit and back again” or How I learned to stop worrying (about 5* s) and Love the 4* s ( told in links ))


Thank you for all of your responses. After all of your guidance, I have decided to level both Cheshire & Skittles. I’ll go back to Tarlak & Kage when finished


Isn’t Ameonna’s skill remove Wu Kong’s buff on herself?

Sure, if they both live, total despair and gamble. A few weeks and wars later I usually take her with a mono team, works better, if she fires I get my 4 free rounds (pair her with chochin, tyrum, tiburtus, rigard, cause it’s all about her firing and I have no better near end of war), then a decent board is more than enough. If she doesn’t, it’s totally over. That’s why I level her more these days to hold her own a bit.

Hey I couldn’t find the right thread but does the Cat’s poison damage count as ‘dealing damage’ that could invoke the sorcerer ability?

Thanks in advance

@zephyr1 @DaveCozy

Not that I’ve seen anyways.

As far as I know I’ve only seen slash attacks, match damage and minion strikes activate delay.


Thx Dave much appreciated

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