Changing Alliances

I have a question…do people change the Alliance that they are in? I joined an Alliance literally Day 2 of playing, and no one in my Alliance ever chats or anything and it’s very boring! I have been really active and tried to initiate conversations, and there was another new player starting at the same time, and we talked and now he is inactive from the game for 2 weeks now…maybe because of this boring Alliance!

So is it bad to change or is that normal and are there penalties?

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By all means change, your not locked in. I did the same and I’m now in an active and fun ally Band of Brothers. I never looked back mija


U have the right to find the best fit for u. The best way to go about it though is to make sure u don’t leave right before a war and even after make sure u uncheck ur competes in alliance war box if u have it checked. Also communicate with the leader and co-leaders saying that at this time u just need to try something else. Then search the boards for a fun alliance. Don’t get into the habit of always searching for ‘greener grass on the other side’ as they say. There is a type of player known as an alliance hopper that just joins up for a bit to collect chest rewards and bounces on. I’m NOT saying that’s u. But find a fun place. It’s a game to enjoy urself. I’m in $ilver Phoenix Alliance. Currently 27/30 filled and we do very well in wars and on titans and also always have fun. We even have a chat site up on WhatsApp so we can put up pics and laugh. That’s what u need it sounds like. But definitely make sure u r having FUN! Best of luck! :blush::+1:

That makes me feel better! There are only 11 active players now, and I have only been playing for a little over a month and I have advanced past most of the existing members to #7 rank in the Alliance and we can’t get past a 4* Titan! It just feels like the fat isn’t being trimmed and the Alliance is going to die soon.

Great advice and thanks for that! I don’t want to hop around, but I want to play with people that are going to operate on the same level as me and have fun!

Then I say leave and just dont burn bridges. Take ur time on these boards floating in and out and seeing who makes u laugh. Also there r some ridiculously knowledgeable players on here a lot. Ask any kinda question u way and u will get an answer. I’ve been helped so many times!!! Good lord I’ve been set strait more times than I can count. Of course a good alliance helps input too and I can always lean on my team members for advice anytime. That’s what u need. Good helpful people who have fun. We were all just sharing pics of r first cars on WhatsApp like 10 minutes ago. Ur game. U have fun!!!

We are fighting 8* titans now and winning wars but wr booted inactive players, join us I’m klaatu

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Hi @mija if you’re ready to switch alliances we would love to have you in our alliance. We are a mid-level alliance with 28 members and are all very active in the game and in chat. Look us up in the alliance search in the game…“Have Fun: Kill Titans”, leader is sammieseal. Hope to see you soon!

Run and don’t look back! I wasted the early days in a dysfunctional alliance, just didn’t realize it…Take your time and ask questions after thinking about what you might be looking for in a group.

You can post in alliance recruitment here on the forums and include what level you are, and what you are hoping to find in an alliance.

Good luck! A good alliance is what makes this game great!



I was in the same boat as you. I was with my first alliance for 5 months. They were slowly decaying, but I didn’t know any better. No one was chatty, except on a rare occasion. I was actually a little scared of leaving the alliance for another one. I didn’t think that my heroes were going to be good enough somewhere else (weird I know). But, I switched about two months ago and I have been elated with the results. We talk all of the time in game chat, I learned about Line (gaming messaging app), and actually enjoy the company of everyone. It is way more social and like an extension of my family.

Jump ship! There will be a group for you!

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Finding an Alliance where you feel comfortable is very important. There are lots of active alliances looking for active players.
So, no doubts, find a better alliance. You can check this forum’s recruitment section, or simply search for an alliance, paying attention to last activity of members and especially an alliance leader.


The only penalties are that your titan chest will go on a cool-down period for reduced loot, but that’s less than a day so one titan…and your war participation percentage will go down until the new alliance’s war chest is full…both of those are temporary and well worth it to find the right group for you.

Being in an alliance with like-minded people, same activity level is so much more fun than a half dead alliance (unless you seek silence).

There are lot of good alliances in the game to choose from. I recommend that think through how you would like to play and ask questions about the alliance before joining. You can also check how long the players have been in the alliance and last login times - indication of alliance stability and activity level. Other aspects, like atmosphere or amount of chatting you would see only after joining. Sometimes it takes a few tries before finding the right alliance for you.

A good training alliance can help you with advices on how to grow, saving time and frustration for you, and provide a stable flow of dead titans - source of ascension materials.

Good luck!

PS I still blame the disfunctional alliance search on active players landed in dead alliances, ruining the fun for them…


Tell them you’re leaving and why. If you’ve already decided where to go, tell the other active players where you’re going in case they want to go too. Then go and don’t think twice.

Here’s a clearinghouse thread for teaching alliances. Hopefully in here you can find one that suits your playstyle and experience level


My alliance “Gryphon’s misfortune” is needing new members still. I try to be there to answer questions and i make sure that everyone is an active contributor.
We are fighting 5* titans now and I’ve been told it’s a great place to learn and grow!

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