Captain Kestrel or Natalya

Hello everybody

I got 10 Rings

Which one would u ascend next Captain Krestel or Natalya.?I already got Ares Zimkitha Gravemaker and Marjana maxed… Also got Falcon maxed… Which one should of these two should get the Rings?

Captain Kestrel, fast hitter, rogue class, hits 3 and damage increases when enemy has more mana


I’d also recommend Kestrel since you already have GM and Marjana to inflict burn DOT.

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3rd vote for the Captain.

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And a 4th

Really wish I had kestrel… Best red hitter in the game (yes, better than Marjana and Tyr imo)

Thx all that was first also my intension so Krestel will fire some bullets

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