🐼 Cao Cao – 5* Ice / Blue from War of the Three Kingdoms

no capes


Because heroes should not wear capes.

Was thinking he could pair nicely with my Lu Bu, but only if the enemies get their buffs out before Lu Bu fires. Might be an interesting, and useful pairing now that I think about it.

Seems like this hero is a thinking man’s hero. A literal chess piece in a game where destruction is the focus.


That would offer total buff control :grin:. I also like him with Hulda, but any decent summoner too. His 20% minion hp should be solid enough, especially layered. And as you alluded to, the family bonus is helpful. But Slow hurts and Bera makes it all mute! Hahaha


So the 3.70, standard max level and LB stats should be:

Level Attack Defense Health Power
3.70 :crossed_swords:
4.80 :crossed_swords:
4.85 :crossed_swords:

(+100 to power with 20 talents)



Has anyone done the math already with minions giving mana to make him average or functionally fast speed? With fast ice minion makers like Pengi and frosth or even average ones like Krampus and Glenda out there he should be able to go off in 9 tiles on the right team… especially if on a team with another W3K hero. Would be interesting to see some synergies that work.

Well, not that hard to do the math but since it’s very situational and depending on multiple factors, it will be a lot of math to cover all the possible situations and combinations.

For the simple case where the hero does not use a mana or magic troop and doesn’t have the mana generation talent (basically the bare mana speed), 3 / 6 / 10% of mana is equivalent to 0.36 / 0.72 / 1.2 tiles for a slow hero (normally charging in 12 tiles).

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Compare this guy to Khufu and Lhoui. Why is he slow speed again? I get that he speeds up when you add minions to him but still. He’s too slow imo to be a hit all minion summoner. Reduce the damage output and raise his mana speed.

Yes, but Khufu is out of control and way overbuffed. This guy is what a slow hero should be IMO. Strong, but not crazy. I hope to god a bunch of heroes as powerful as Khufu don’t come out or everyone may as well just play mono and gamble for the wins every time.


I’m not overly concerned… I can remove minions first before setting of my other heroes who buff themselves… At least that is how I see it in my mind.

Cao has great synergy with frosth. With frosth’s minions protecting his minions and the e-link, plus the minion passive. The one downside is they are both rogues and both with be starved with blems for a long time

Yeah, it can be done I think. Don’t have him so can’t test it out, but if you have him with a level 29 magic troop (+20%) and the mana node (+2%) and no other Kingdom hero

9 tiles = 9*1.22 = 10.98 tiles
3 minions from Krampus + Frosth + Pengi for example (3% per minion) = 12 * 0.03 * 3 = 1.08 tiles
Total of 12.06 should charge him.

If you use a 2nd Kingdom hero like Xiahou Dun
3 minions @ 6% each = 12 * 0.06 * 3 = 2.16 tiles
In that case you just need 10% mana generation from troops or emblem node to get 9.9 tiles for a 12.06 total

LOL, now I want to pull him just for R&D purposes. Anyone willing to fund my research? :smiley:

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use this. Under mana chunk… Enter 3 for 3%… Or 6 or 9

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A full team equipped with his minions can dispell a whole enemy team fully buffed. On average, he would be too OP.

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Spot on… But even 2 minions at 6% only requires the emblem mana and 13% mana gen to charge in 9, which is only a lvl 23 mana troops which i dare say… Many people have.

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Mix in xnolphod… And most of these slow heroes are overpowered… Provided you can pull them.


Not sold on him for top tier. His damageoutput is way too low for his speed compared to others. Its nice that he is a summoner and dispeller but even then i don’t like those skills on slow heroes.

You sacrifice alot of survivability when using a slow hero on normal modes as you are more dependent on boards the more tiles you need. Therefore the slow hero has to have a big impact on the battle flow.

I don’t see that he has potential outside of rush or teams that provide direct manaboost.


Seeing in one’s mind AND actual game reality is different.

Having the hero to actually play that scenario & imagine in one’s mind is taking imagination to another funny level.

I don’t do any of that….but share possible scenarios and uses of the hero.

FYI, Cao Cao does a lot more than what I have said in my video.
In the end, Player use creativity will be supreme instead of theoretically talks…

Zeline, Louhi and many others do that anyway at faster speeds already…

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It’s always board dependent… But i like dolgoon… He’s a fast defense up option at 5 tiles… Mix that with a Grimble… And you can survive the initial damage, while throwing tiles at cao, and likely… Not always, charge Grimble and company to do the major damage.