By-ulf vs friar tuck

I have been getting a lot of new characters. And most of my greens seem to be healers. But my question is do I really need by-ulf and friar tuck both? And if not which is better choice. Just starting to realize how important attack boosters are. But I need so much help with characters and which ones to level up that work well together. I have a bunch that I haven’t even begun to level up.

I have never kept a Friar Tuck but I have a fully leveled By-Ulf. I used him in a green mono attacking team for this weeks tournament and as of now I’m still top 5%. I know after four turns he’s a bit of a detriment since his special goes negative but that only affects him (the caster). I think there are so many good 3* green options that Friar Tuck is feeder for me.


I was thinking and feeling same way. Thank you

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That’s where Gato comes in handy :wink:


Who’s gator? I got telluria…does that count as a gato lol


If By_Ulf special skills is about have negative, use Gato before By-Ulf goes off or use Richard special skill after By-Ulf special skills. Those is can get rid of the negative effects.

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I actually just got a gato the other day. My issue is I have so many heros to upgrade now. But that is a good idea. But what if they cant be dispelled?

Thats why Gato. Gato dosn’t dispell he stops the ailments from becoming active. You need to fire Gato special before by-ulf 4 turns are over but not too early as Gato special only lasts for 3 turns.

It wont always be “practicle”, sometimes you may want to fire Gato anyway to take out an opponent regardless of timing for by-ulf.

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