Can Friar Truck be the only Healer in a team?

Or would it be necessary to include a second one since he only heals 3 heroes?

How good do you think is Friar Truck BTW?

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A healer is very often handy, but not always essential. I’m probably a bit further on in the game, but would still consider other heal-3 heroes useful in certain circumstances - Gadeirus in particular. Kasshrek is also highly rated as a defence tank.

So don’t write him off purely on that respect.

As for whether he’s any good - as a newbie I hated Fire Truck and didn’t use him much. But I’ve changed my opinion on others, like Ulmer, who now gets a place in many of my 3* tournament teams. So I could be convinced.

I think the biggest issue for him is that Belith is excellent as a 3* healer and both Tuck and Hawkmoon are firmly in her shadow.


and Tuck has the added disadvantage of being the same color as Belith too.

Tuck’s mana boost is a nice bonus, but I find it difficult to take advantage of in 3* tournaments where the battles tend to end quickly - much quicker than in tournaments that allow 4s and 5s.

I wouldn’t bring Tuck along as my only healer, but would consider bringing him as a secondary healer whose main use is to increase mana regent for some key heroes.


I dont think Tuck should be your main healer, Belith is also a 3* green and she heals and dispels. But Tuck can boost mana for himself and his best friends, so you can flank him with two slow heroes


Thanks. My main is Melendor

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Melendor and Tuck together could be good. Use Tuck early in the battle to boost the mana of key heroes, and save Melendor for when you really need a heal or dispel.

I often use Lancelot, whose +24% mana regen is the same as Tuck’s. That 24% has a significant and noticeable effect, and has won me a few raids (I usually put Lance beside Proteus and Seshat ) :slight_smile: Lance’s effect lasts 4 turns instead of Tuck’s 3, but 3 turns would still be helpful.


I was thinking tuck would be good flanked by 2 gatos or 2 namahages. So, I’ve thought about it as well. It’s worth trying.

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Depends on the area of the game. On your defense he makes a good 3* tank. I don’t like him on a raid, and he definitely can’t be your only healer on map levels.

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Spent quite a bit of time leveling on maps with Friar Tuck and also Kashhrek. Painful, would not wish it on anyone. Always feeding healing potions to the wings.


Tuck was my only healer for a while, and it was terrible. If you have the option, don’t make him your only healer.

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For me, the benefit of heal-3 heroes is usually in what other benefit they bring. In Friar Tuck’s case it’s the mana boost. Surround him with snipers and you have a pretty solid attack team. He is also useful in rush attack tournaments surrounded by AoE heroes like Jahangar or Ulmer.

It all depends on the heroes you have to work with and how they work together whether these are your best options.


I personally don’t use him as a primary healer. Mainly for the mana generation. I place him between two slow mana heroes and he can speed up the rate the AoE specials can go off. As he affects only himself and a couple neighbors, I tend to put him either mid left or mid right. Depending on what my line up is at the time. I do not put him in tank position because a red stack can obliterate him right off the bat. Man if I had Kunchen… girl can dream right?

Anyway bottom line, no he cannot be the only healer as he only affects himself and two neighbors. A second healer is usually necessary.


It depends on the opponent’s team. If you can do without a healer then yes, Friar Tuck can be your only one. For example, defense you are going against is mainly healers you want fast snipers to deal with them fast. Tuck can accelerate the snipers around him, and they won’t do much damage to you.

In general though, if you want a healer on your team don’t rely on Tuck to do the job.


Lol I am highly anticipating the same trio once Proteus and Seshat are fully cooked. Who are your other two? Tuck?

I usually color-stack 3/2. For Red/Purple I use a mix of Gormek, Scarlett and Boldtusk; Sabina and Aeron depending on the threats I’m facing.

I took Lance and Proteus to Atlantis final boss (Ursena) normal mode. No Seshat yet. So I did Proteus / Li Xiu / Kiril / Lance / Sabina to ensure my two healers were fully charged as much as possiblen

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With heroes like that you are well beyond using Friar Tuck for anything (except maybe 3* raid tournaments).

When do you use Scarlett instead of Lance?

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