Grevle or shrubear

Hello again. Similar to my other post, i am keeping only 5 green 3* heroes to save roster space. I have by-ulf, cBelith, berden and mnessus maxed. I recently got shrubear and grevle. Which 5 heroes should i keep?

The 5 green 3* will mainly be used for events or tournaments and not for raids/wars/titans.

Both… Grevle & Shrubbear are both some of the most amazing green 3* heroes. I would ditch By-Ulf of the 6 you listed.


Both. U can buy hero roster space its cheap only 100 gems, check the shop. there is option to expand roster space by buying with some gems


I have already bought some early roster expansions. But right now i am saving my gems for more 5* heroes/pulls. C2p player here…

Keep both and drop By-Ulf, he’s pretty much useless outside of rush tourneys. But then in that case Shrubber would be superior anyway.


Why is it either or? Keep both, use both in rush tourneys. Buy some roster slots.

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Hehe, as much as i want to, i am trying to keep things within budget :money_mouth_face:

IMHO Grevle > Shubbear > Bi-Ulf. So, keep them all, but if you have to ditch one, Ulf goes.


@ZyzzyxRoad @Guvnor How come you guys don’t like By-Ulf? I have By-Ulf, Grevle and Shrubbear and I find that By-Ulf is better at tanking than either of them for Buff booster no red (and possibly rush attack). I usually flank with Gato to prevent the status ailments.

Offensively, if you fire By-Ulf a 2nd time within 4 turns, it resets the time before he gets the negative effects.

I prefer By-Ulf tank over Grevle b/c he gives more buffs and heals the middle 3 more for buff booster. He’s also paladin class which is best for tank position if you’re gonna emblem 3* heroes. I use Shrubbear only to tank for 3* no red bloody battle. My problem with Shrubbear is that he doesn’t survive that long. Even if he gets +def and +special defense, you can just throw tiles into him or dispel him. Imo he doesn’t stay alive as long as healing tanks.

In regard to OP’s question, I would level Grevle first and then Shrubbear. Grevle has more utility offensively imo. I actually don’t have that much experience using Shrubbear offensively but I can see him useful offensively for taunt as well. But the overheal + attack buff is overall better offensively imo.


Because of the negative side effects… :stuck_out_tongue: Sure gato COULD block them but isn’t guaranteed on defence…
Plus there are other options who can do the buff-boosting just as well in terms of the total # of buffs, or more, (e.g. costume belith or any other hero who does +2 buffs to all allies) who DON’T have the negative side-effect.

Defence I don’t need that kind of thing. My defences still get A grade. The one time I DID tank him with gato flanks it ended up with a D grade so… no bono there.

In Offence I have tried using him and just get annoyed… Having tho hold back his stuff so I can have Gato Ready to go just annoys me. Or relying on “refiring” specials is just an unnecessary gamble. Then in terms of his “buffs” I refer to above where there are other heroes who don’t have the negative effect & still have the same number of buffs or better synergies without the negative effects.

Shrubbear I have said many times is a better flank than a Tank but has the versatility to do both. By-Ulf doesn’t. Plus he has no draw-backs, unlike By-Ulf.

Grevle does a full team attack boost AND health boost. Pair him with another healer and you can easily negate any incoming damage you would be recieving & build up a buffer. Plus affects the entire team & has no negative side effects… Unlike By-Ulf.

TLDR is that I dislike the “negative” effect & can do as well or better without him. I levelled By-Ulf and had high initial hopes for him (like you still do) but now never use him. Ever.

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I find the positive effects far outweight the negative side effects since the negatives only affect By-Ulf. Usually I only need to fire By-Ulf once to decide the outcome of the match. On defense, I think By-Ulf firing once is also enough to stay alive buy time for flanks. I do agree that Grevle is probably an overall better offensive hero.

That’s interesting. I’ve never tried Shrubbear as flank.

Yeah but if you can do without the negatives its still better :stuck_out_tongue: It’s not a case of “negatives are outweighed by his benefits”. For me its:

  • Hero A (e.g. Hawkmoon costume = 10 buffs inc. Attack Buff; Grevle + Costume Belith = 15 buffs undispellable) – Basically achieves the same (or IMO better) WITHOUT negatives


  • Hero B (By-Ulf = 9 buffs) who does the same WITH negatives.

Hence I don’t bother with By-Ulf. Not because I don’t think that the “positives are outweighed by the negatives”; but purely because I think that there are better options than By-Ulf, even if he didn’t have the negatives :stuck_out_tongue:

But yes, I personally think Shrubbear is one of the nastiest Flanks in the Game…
His special is a defence buff & taunt. Meaning he needs to be alive when the enemy special skills fire off. In the Tank position, this isn’t a guarantee as the tank bears the brunt of all tile damage. In flank, he is protected and is far far far more likely to be alive in time to fire his special while having enough tiles & to block the enemy special skills.
So if you can prop him in behind a tank who’ll buy you time (e.g. a mana cutter like Bauchan or an annoyance like Gill-Ra) he will really shine.

I would urge you to buy roster space. It’s cheap and allows for decent roster depth. Don’t do yourself a disservice by feeding away unique heroes.


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Roster space yields benefits in the long term . Keep both. Use gems sparingly but roster space is always a good use.


I agree more space is good. After all, what’s the point of using your gems on pulls if you’ve got nowhere to keep what you pull?!


I suppose having more space is good. Maybe i should but more… I have been spending the gems on pulls and honestly, i think HA10 may be my best chance at getting new 5* heroes…

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