Boldtusk sword or pan poll

  • Boldusk normal
  • Boldtusk costume

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If you have time elaborate on your choice. Much obliged :slight_smile:

VS Telly costume is better. Withstand her slow and Vela water.
on Titan normal is better.

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He is a poor healer and a solid buffer. With the pann he becomes a modest healer, modest buffer. Besides, he has more deffense in his regular form. Anyway, ascend both, and enjoy the beneffits of the costume bonus.
I almost forget, the fighter talent is better than the monk talent, on my book (you are using fighter emblems regardless of your choice), and with a life deffense route, de difference between both widens quite a lot.


May I ask why, I don’t undertand, and it would be life saving if it is like that.

Sword. Nothing more annoying than BT reviving 4 times in a row then healing his allies. Sword has also better defense, making him better tank.


Monk talent = 30% chance to withstand statuses.


Ok, I will take that into account, thanks. :+1:

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Same here. VS Telluria use the costume…all other cases use normal one. You usually want him more for his attack boost than his healing. With Telluria his costume gained some worth. Before Telluria it was one of the worst current 4* costumes in my oppinion.

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Let me start with a basic statement:
You need to maximize both skins regardless of which one you use. You need to maximize normal in order to unlock emblems for both. You need to maximize the costume in order to fully unlock the costume bonus for both.

Given both are maximized you can shift between the two according to the circumstances.

I use the normal version since he is not the only healer in my team. I think I would use his costume if he was the only healer in my team.

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