Boldtusk costume turned all boldtusks to lvl 1 — how Costume leveling works

Had a maxed out Boldtusk he is now lvl 1. He was also maxed out talent now no talent.

Not bug.

Check the main thread.

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It did make me hesitate for a second when I thought I’d “lost” my maxed Li Xui. It’s going to take a bit for players to understand how the costumes work.

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In short:

Your normal BT progress isn’t lost. You can undress the hero at any time (tap them in your roster then tap the arrows)

You have to level the costume up to max also. This is cheaper in food and feeder requirements. Doubled exp and doubled chance of special skill upgrading. Note tho the ascention of the costume is capped at the ascention tier of the base hero.

You can also use duplicate costumes as fodder for big exp bonuses


Best approach to deal with costumes is to dress an unleveled dupe and then level this costumed hero to get tuned versions of your duplicates.


Note tho, the costume is capped at the same ascention as the base hero…

If you apply the costume to a 1-1, you can’t level beyond tier 1 until the base hero goes up.

That makes the whole thing almost worthless.

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Well… No…?

You want two fully powered heroes you gotta level two fully powered hereos… Want an extra upgrade?, well still gotta pay extra but we’ll give it to ya for cheap.

Sound familiar? Sounds like retail in a nutshell


OK I have a question.
I have Bane 3.50 and Bane 1.1. I just got his costume as well.

I can go in and switch them both to costume 1.1. But if I feed one to the other how do I know if I am feeding the 1.1 version to the 3.50 version or does it not matter since only the costume is getting fed?

If I did that would I still have my 2 Bane copies? One at 3.50 and 1 and 1.1 but the costume would now show at 1.x from being fed? Though since I only have 1 costume how can I feed it to itself?

I understand th feeding the costume part using feeder heroes. I also don’t see myself using this feature much as I have enough to do trying to level the heroes I have that I won’t spend time feeding away heroes to costumes.

I get that I only have 1 physical costume but sicne I have 2 copies of Bane I can put it on both of them. I think I can anyhow. I am going to play around with it later this week but it seems like a last ditch effort to money grab from new players that don’t know better and older players to keep them playing until S3 releases.

Just give us the hero academy like we want and give us HOTM in it or in TC. Don’t screw that up.

Each costume must be levelled individually.

You can only feed duplicate costumes for a mad bonus. Duplicate costumes heroes I assume work the same as normal hero feeding.

Your 3-50 bane still exists, just the costume is 1-1 again. You can tap the arrows to go backwards and forth between costume and non-costume

So, I have a Rigard +11 and a Rigard 1/1. When I level the costume on the maxed Rigard, I can’t use it on the 1/1 Rigard? It’s confusing as hell and I can’t see a real value of a HoT Rigard, lol…I think I ignore the costumes for a while.


OK, but if I only have 1 costume I can put it on multiple heroes? That doesn’t make sense. If I get a costume I would think I could apply it to 1 hero. But right now after doing 2 pulls and getting only 1 Bane costume instead of having my original Bane 3.50 and original Bane 1.1, I can change them both to Bane 1.1 costumed.

I don’t have more than 1 costume yet I seem to be able to wear it on 2 Banes at once?

EDIT: I am looking at it like a change of clothes aka costume. I only have 1 so how can 2 heroes have it on at the same time? And they do, I am looking at it right now in my roster. I get that the 3.50 and 1.1 are both there but how can 2 different people wear 1 costume at the same time?

+11 rigsrd will still exist, just have to tap the arrow to unequip the costume.

When the costume is maxed, costume rigsrd will also be +11. His tree will follow the original path you took with normal rigard but with different talents and node bonuses. You’ll still need to feed rigard cleric emblems, regardless of the new costume class… It is still rigsrd in there

Idk mate… I’m not a dev :stuck_out_tongue:

Just reporting what I found in experimenting with the costumes myself.

Doesn’t make sense? Meh. Problem? Not really.

1 Costume, 2 Hawkmoon. But every costume must be levelled individually, as said from Guvnor


OK but does that make sense? If I have twin children and I buy 1 outfit at the store only 1 kid can wear it at a time. They both cannot wear it at the same time.

I think calling them costumes was a mistake and I think it was a lot of effort that went into something that is not what was asked for and in the end isn’t helpful to anyone but SG. I stopped caring about 3* heroes a while ago. I only even use them now for raid tournaments. WHy would I go back and waste resources to level a costume on a hero that I will only use on occasion and even then if I do place well in the tournament I still don’t get good loot?

And new players don’t want to get bogged down leveling both heroes and costumes. I worked to get 4 and 5* heroes for better teams. This wastes resources for them if they choose to do this with very little in return. Now a costume like Vivica is great. But you have to pull it and also have her. Then you have to level it as well instead of maybe leveling another yellow hero.
Plus many that do have her and get teh costume may already have Kunchen so would you level a costume or another yellow? IDK just seems like another swing and a miss. Like the lab. Like the nerfed loot from raid tournamants. They tourneys were a great idea but nerfing the loot was not. AR was a great idea, cutting it to 3 days was not. Then taking out a Weekend day from the 4 days was even worse. Its like they are trying to crash this company on purpose.

Costume FAQs

Well,well,well !!!
Need more of this. :grimacing:

I just use costume dupes for leveling the costumes. Not really calling for more than one of each costume. Except maybe BT, but that is a whole different story. I am glad that druids are getting more hitters as they sorely need them. But yeah, if you want the costume to have maxed stats or close to maxed stats, you’re gonna have to put the costume on said hero.

Leveling of the costume is pretty darn fast. Especially if you have costume dupes. Took my tier 2 level 12 all the way to max in one costume dupe level up!

While having to level them up again is a royal pain in the rear, at least the mat spending isn’t as bad as normal leveling.

No! There is only ONE costume. Each Bane (for example) has to level it seperately.
In other words: the level of the costume is fixed to the hero, not to the costume.

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