Next Blue to level?

Just finished Jott to help my Titan fights, wondering who to work on next, kind of a mixed bag

Fully ascended:
4* - Jott, C-Kiril, Azmia
3* - Helo, Chick Jr, C-Karil, Ulmer, Soroca, Gunnar

So who next? And welcome advice/questions

  • Cathal (currently at 2.60, don’t have mats for final, so go to 3.70?)
  • Grimm (at 3.60)
  • Triton (at 3.60)
  • Gunnar’s costume (forgot I had)
  • Ulmer’s costume (ditto forgot)
  • Azmia (2nd one)
  • Sanngrior
  • Captain of Diamonds
  • Agwe
  • Sonya
  • C-Boril
  • Joukahainen
  • Nordri

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I can only vote 1 so I chose jouk but Sonya is very versatile if your looking for a 4*


I picked Nordri to further improve your scores against red titans. also good in events and tournaments. but:

Sonya is a staple, you can’t go wrong with her, and is even better once you get her costume. if i run out of other blue heroes to work on, i’ll do a second one for wars and i don’t often max duplicate heroes.

Joukahainen is very very good in 3* tournaments, great stats and extremely useful skill.


You have 6 maxed 3*, and only 3 maxed 4*, so I vote for Sonya. It’s time to leave the land of 3* IMO :slight_smile:

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You need Nordri for Titans and you will use him for along time

Then Grimm and Sonya! Two classic heroes and they will serve you well :slight_smile:


In my honest opinion for your 3* heroes I would focus on both Joukahainen and Nordri

Then for your 4* heroes go for Sonya and Grimm. They are really good without the costume and great with the costume so it’s a win win …

Whichever hero you choose good luck

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