Better Tank: Odin or Arthur?

I’m currently leveling up Odin (my second gold 5*, after Joon) and King Arthur (my first blue 5*). But I’m unsure who would make a better tank on defense, and therefore who should get my paladin emblems.

I have a thin roster. Zenobia and C. Jabberwocky are my best heroes, with Lianna providing passible (if plain) damage. Currently, they’re backed by Boldtusk and C. Kiril on defense.

Both mana boost and elemental defense down are coveted abilities. I suspect Odin has the more immediate advantes, but King Arthur may be more evergreen given his usefuless against titans.

Way too early to worry about a tank. You’ve been at this a few months. What do you have to protect.

Really, if the defense is to keep cups then just say screw it and work on offense. New players need ham and iron. Cups do nothing for you.


for tank odin is better, hit all and mana boost.

but now just focusing to max good 5* on each color first


Good point about context. While my current setup generally keeps me in Diamond, I’m looking for something a bit more secure.

Given the current lack of gold in my defense, Odin is the clear favorite. (I could sub in Gullinbursti, but I’m out of druid emblems.) Either way, I’ll be leveling both characters. But I only have emblems for one.

Great to do both but only Odin should make your defence team. I wouldn’t say either are really suited for the tank slot at all but, of the 2, I would probably go with Odin. Faster mana speed, Hits all, Mana buff. Arthur is great but Kiril provides more to a defence.

In Summary… Odin

Just one gameer’s opinion

Game Well :sunglasses:

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Thing is outside Odin, there is real competition in the holy heros. King Arthur the only other blue Legendary EDD hero next to Frida would be my choice. Titans is total game money and the higher scores will help you advance with needed mats for other projects as you develop. I would go King Arthur hands down! Best of luck!

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Isnt c-athena EDD? May be conditional i dont remember.

Costume Athena is the mixed hybrid bag. In titans you cannot stack 2 elemental defence downs or two regular defence downs as they cancel each other out. Think one defence down hero and one EDD hero for the combo before your team of what you need. Costume Athena is great for secondary teams of course! Just my sincere thought for the newer players growing and developing hard!

Yea my only EDD in blue is nordri.

Neither. Both options are flanks.

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Thanks everyone! I haven’t decided yet, as I’m still leveling both, but this is helpful information.