New Khagan

Do you think khagan have a role now In Offence?

I am assuming the tank will be teluria because that is what there is most I wars, so under this consideration would you think khagan will be good hero to take for battle? And with what hero’s accompanying him?

No. Khagan’s use is too limited to give him emblems. And with no emblems, he still has no use.


Who are your other fire heroes?

Khagan is good now, the increased damage is clearly visible, he tested it against gtv, so he dusted them off well.

Your Khag is already maxed so he will be better than that unfinished Tyr and Noor.

I think Wilbur, Falcon, Boldtusk and Khagan will be a devastating combo. I personally like Khag more than Noor, but not more than Tyr.

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Right now Khagan is strongest hit3 red in game, even Kestrel hit enemies with max mana weaker

His damage is close to heroes like Azlar who hit all 5 enemies


My only aim this days are 4500 4600 telly teams…the problem is non of them are fast or can clean

Also, if I take this three I should take another useless red like anzogh

Lemme consult with my List of Red Legendary Heroes That I Never Intend To Max Even With Huge Surplus of Rings… nope, he’s still on it.


He is still slow. Maybe with upcoming costume bonuses, who knows🤔


Khagan should be average speed. This has been mentioned by many beta testers going back before costumes existed.


Didn’t see any big changes, he doesn’t make or break anything. Seemed to be hitting +20s for between 450-500 damage.

Now, one big thing might be that full attack Khagan +20 w/costume bonus could hit as hard as Marj +0 on a single target 550-600 range.

Still doesn’t seem good but definitely more potential.

Edit: Low level mana troops on that build make him a fairly reliable 9 tile charger after he fires.

Pretty much this is it… telluria fires before him everytime. And she does much more for average.

With the costume bonuses he maybe gets better. S1 fire heroes are absolutely trash in the anti telluria job.

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Telly+20 might do 1000 damage when she fires, Khagan+0 is now 1350-1500 tops.

Telly special is still way better.

If Khagan is bumped to average, (not with costume), then I will buy him rings, for now he runs errands on map stages at 3/70.

No one slow retires in telly erra

My opinion:

Basically, his damage is nicer and I appreciate the buff, but at slow and with not the greatest defense stat, he’s still a liability on offense.


I am happy to hear about skady and sad about Khagan and I think nornsvwas good idea once when Guinevere ruled but now with telly teams it’s harder to use her

Being slow, I still wouldn’t use him in wars so he doesn’t get the mats. But, if he will get a costume and I will be lucky enough to pull it, than I might reconsider…

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