Building Best Team for gameplay

Hi Everyone! I’m finally getting to a spot where I can build out some good 5* teams and good overall team, but i’m not sure on what’s a good layout and which heroes give me the best chance for raids, wars, titans, challenges and so on.

Any advice on who I should be focusing on or what team will be my overall best team would be amazing!

Thank you!

Also, I just got Vela, and just finished Thorne, obviously I’m going to work on her since I don’t have many 5* blue heroes, but how should I use her and Thorne? I might as well use Throne since he’s maxed lol

You already have pretty good heroes at a decent level, try to max Kingston, Red Hood and Leonidas before leveling other heroes.

Try to level different heroes such as Cyprian and Tiburtus: while you have Kunchen to fight holy titans you could use them on epic tier events, class trials and tournaments.

Kunchen + Zimkitha are solid picks for every raiding team, use them everywhere.

Onatel, G. Jackal and Leonidas can help you against purple tanks

Seshat and Proteus can be added to your Kunchen to fight holy tanks

Buddy, Evelyn adn Kingston destroys blue tanks

Red Hood and Wilbur would make a nice combo with Zimkitha but green tanks are not so common (yet)

Kiril, Grimm and Thorne can do nice 3-target damage when comboed.

I can’t give you many suggestions here as defending teams can’t re rerolled but try to use heroes that nullify defender’s strong points, like bringing Kingston while against Khiona for example.

Always bring Wu Kong, Boldtusk/Kiril (depending on titan’s color) and 3 heroes with type advantage, better if with effects that lower the target’s defense like Buddy & Evelyn, G. Jackal, Grimm, Wilbur and Kunchen.

I use minor mana potions, minor healing potions, axes/harpoons and turtle banners


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