Best raid defense? Platinum, mostly 4*s

I’m steady in platinum and working on ascending some stronger attackers. Most of my strongest right now are healers, counter attackers, and mana controllers…now working on rounding out my teams after overloading in a couple directions.

My raid defense is keeping me steady in platinum but would love to be winning more defense matches. Any suggestions? My current raid defense is healer/counter…annoy them to death :-p

But should I take a more traditional mixed role lineup or am I overlooking better approaches? Appreciate any advice!

My roster at this point, sorted by power score and ignoring last of the 3* (not including any 4* or 5* that I haven’t started on yet)

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Cyprian at 3-60 is definitely not worth having, put Azmia in tank and then choose a different hero, preferably something with damage.

If you like your team there is nothing against keeoing to use it, put emblems and LBs on your heroes and you´ll automatically get stronger.

Looking at your roster it seems like you are lacking the ascension materials, so I suggest you mostly work on your 3 star heroes and compete in the 3 star tournaments. You can get mats and other nice things there.
Also make sure your in an alliance that hits bigger titans as you can also get mats there.

After ascending and maxing them, change Boldtusk with Ferant and Cyprian with codtumed Sabina, then change positions of them….

Happy gaming

A really strange roster.

a) 2 heros of the same color side by side is bad.
b) This is a really slow team.
c) Get Ferrant to 3/60 as fast as possible and save mats for him to ascend next.
d) When Ferrant is at 3/70 use as tank and flank with Melendor left and Merlin right.
e) Boldtusk left wing and Haensel right wing.

Next ascend Sabina and then Caedmon if you get the mats together.

I dont have Sun and Anastasia so I cant say much about them.

I hope you get the mats you want and wish you the best of luck and lots of fun! :+1:

I would try BoldTusk, LotL or Hansel, Azmia, Merlin or Treevil, Gulli (after full levelling).
Or BoldTusk, LotL or Hansel, cKiril, Merlin or Treevil, Anastasia.
Anyway, you need a fully levelled yellow hero, you have several good ones to work on.

Curious how it would stand agains a team like Grevle, Belith, Sally, cDawa, Agnes (or Mnesseus)…

To be absolutely honest, I don’t think it’s a good time for you to be worried about Raid defense. You’re far better off leaving a weaker team and take advantage of the revenges.

That said, the answers above are very good advice if you really want to have a good defense.


I would second that. You have some good options in the wings. Just need ascending.

I overthink defenses so much, so I’ll just be prowling around here and hopefully learn something myself :pray:

Good luck :four_leaf_clover:

Li Xiu is an excellent tank and is extremely annoying to fight against. Assuming you can get them maxed, I would use these heroes for your 4* defense team:

Wu Kong - Kiril or costume Kiril (full defense path)- Li Xiu (tank, full defense path) - Merlin - Hansel

The goal with those heroes is to shut your enemies down and reduce how often they actually fire… Li Xiu takes mana, Merlin does mindless attack, Hansel silences. Once Wu Kong goes off they will all hit extremely hard. Your counterattack team works, but for people who bring Sonya or 2-3 healers they can defeat it fairly easily as it has no real offensive power.

Assuming you can get your 5* heroes maxed, I would use:

Zagrog - costume Tibertus - Lady of the Lake - Li Xiu - Drake Fong.

That’s a pretty strong team.

Good luck, have fun!

Hansel also does mindless attack (the one that only steals 50% mana), but same idea to prevent specials.
That is exactly the reason why I think Wu Kong is a bad idea combined with these 2 heroes. These specials are not great for damage, they are for their secondary effect. The miss will prevent their special (or am I now completely off here?) from taking effect, and a damage boost has not much to boost. Wu Kong would be better combined with heroes that do lots of damage (so every hit makes up for the other misses) or otherwise have skills that can´t miss the enemy (like healers).

healer/counter. I am already putting Melandor in there right next to Kufu and Freya. Joon to clean up whats left. Not sure on number 5. Take out the counter first and let them healers choke on crow. I mean raven.

This defense is only 3,7K TP… With 5* team you will kill it whatever you use…

Says the guy using a nuke to get rid of an ant-hill. Dude it´s a team of half upgraded 4 star heroes we´re talking about!

Winning is the game. why bother leaving it to chance. Plus I didn’t realize the power they were talking about. If I see someone with the Riposte thing in their team I put Melandor in or Sonya. if they have a lot of healers I always put in Freya because they’ll kill themselves on her ravens. True Khufu would be better if there was raid battle replay so the other player can watch but why waste time when you dont have to?