20/20 Sonya? Thoughts?

From what I’ve seen it’s kinda popular to fully emblem her. Do you think it’s a good idea/worth it?

How useful is she? Is her shelf life really very long?

Is it still a good idea if I have Clarissa and Rigard(but I’m also one of the more patient players)?

Oh and, can she be used on a Defense team along with 5* heroes? (Or is she for offense only mostly?)

Thanks in advance

Edit: I have her Costume too.


You need +15% mana boost to charge her in 7 tiles.

The 20th node for cSonya is a +4% mana boost which helped me bring her to 7 tiles to charge with a level 5 mana troop.

Troop 7% + 5% costume bonus + 4% mana node = 16% boost.

Default Sonya gets +30 defense points in node 20th, which alone is pretty good though. Mine got 923 defense at +20 with costume bonus – which means she can take a lot of hits.


Yeah both blue troops I have for now are Mana troops and currently one of them gives %7 bonus.

I was thinking about going for the Crit node for the non-Costume one and (ideally/eventually) use her with a Crit troop though.

Which troop would you prefer for the non-Costume Sonya? Still Mana Troops despite the DEF route and Paladin Class?

I took the mana node for Paladin too, for the same reason; charge at 7 tiles with the lowest level mana troop possible.

My druid path could be a lot better though, but the stats are usable still. High HP and decent defense. Paladin has much better stats as that’s the path I optimized for her initially.


I thought %7 had no effect on offense though.

So a Fast hero charges at 8 tiles on Defense and at 7 tiles with %7 bonus? Can you confirm that?

I didn’t emblem her for just +7% on defense. I don’t know if that actually matters tbh (I’ve heard it does, but I haven’t paid attention). My mana nodes are primarily for tile breaks on offense, so I don’t have to spend as much resources leveling multiple mana troops (without spending a lot of money on pulls, it takes too long to get multiple level 23+ troops).

19th Emblem node: +2%
Costume bonus: +5%
Level 11 mana troop: +9%

Added together = +16% mana bonus. Which means, I can use a level 11 mana troop on Sonya+CB and charge her in 7 tiles on offense.

My highest level blue mana troop is level 16. I’m currently training another that is level 5, but hoping to get it to level 11 by Christmas. I save all my gems for troop pulls and plan on only pulling during Ninja Tower.

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I don’t know what her shelf life is, but I (FTP) haven’t exhausted it yet. She is one of my more used heroes, and I’m only missing three of the classic legendaries, with a few HotM sprinkled in. I have one at +c20 and another maxed with maxed costume. A fast cleanse is extremely helpful, especially with the number of Gravemakers lurking in the diamond arena. Since you are likely to be stacking blue to him anyway, she’s a perfect fit. I use her all day, every day.

I would not recommend her on defense. She is fast and hearty, but her hit isn’t very strong. Her usefulness is in her dispel or cleanse, and the AI will never time that right anyway.


Quick question, did you go for +%2 Crit chance, or+%2 Mana regen with the second to last node?


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I took the mana node. Crit chance doesn’t typically impress me much, especially from Sonya, who has a relatively low attack. Her job, imo, is to be ready to dispel/cleanse when I need her. I’ll get my damage from elsewhere.


I completely agree with this.

I always use one - or both - of my Sonyas in my mono Blue offensive raids. And I have her costume.

Her main use is to survive and be ready to cleanse or dispel at the right time… and though not super strong, she can be used to finish off weakened enemy heroes, too.


Thanks to everyone who replied.

But I think I’m leaning towards Crit node instead of Mana node for non-Costume side because

  1. If her more primary purpose is to survive and cleanse/dispel and not deal tons of damage, then, maybe don’t use the Mana(atk) troop with her and use Crit(def) troop Instead.

  2. Sonya is not a 5* hero, so she is not permitted to use a 4* Mana troop in all cases. But she’s always allowed to use Crit troops(which’s bonus will combine with the crit node) because there are 3* crit troops too.

  3. The costume side gets 22 DEF if you pick the crit node.

Yep. Her defence is better than Black Knight, Telluria, and Aegir, in my roster. Excellent, and like others have said, I use her many times a day. (Usually in her debuffing form.)

The answer is it really depends on your roster. But FWIW she used to be a mainstay in my blue stack until I got Kiril’s costume and then brought him to +10. With cKiril’s attack and defense debuffs, I’ve found increasingly less need for Sonya outside of war, so I yanked all her emblems a while back. The costume bonus provides a “good enough” of a stats bump anyway so I’m happy with my decision.

She’s on my defense team that keeps me in diamond, holding her own between 4 5* stars.

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