Best classic hero teams

What are the best classic hero teams you can put together for raid defense? I’m also curious what everyone thinks for offense as well, but understand that this is situational.

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I use this team back when I just started leveling 5* heros.

I can’t show the exact team because things have changed quite a bit since. I summons Telluria in February (I think) and my team started changing considerably after that. The only heros from this team that still have emblems are Joon+18, Boldtuck+20 and Magni+11. Azlar got replaced by GM and Domitia by Seshat. The team kept me in Platinum comfortably.

Offensively, I still use the following

Green tank or no Ice events - Azlar, Colen and Boldtuck
Red tank or no Nature events - Magni, Grimm, Boril and Kiril
Yellow tank - Domitia, Rigard and Tiburtus
Purple tank - Joon, Leonidas
Blue tank or no Fire events - none (I use other Nature heros other than the “classic” ones)

Keep in mind, I did not get some of the other classic heros like Elena or Justice until later on. Thus, several of these heros are sitting on my bench still at level 1/1. :wink:

My green tank raid team uses BT+19, Elena +7 and Azlar +7, along with some non vanilla goodness

Lianna, Caedmon and Kadilen often get used together

Rigard is a staple for me and lots of others, I have two fully emblemed and a third partway there

Sonya Grimm and Kiril are a handy set

Joon and Leo are handy

If I was going to make a raid team from pure vanilla I’d go BT, Rigard, Joon, Lianna and Elena, that’d probably work

If s1 heroes are 80% of your roster, then you don’t have much choice but to play with them as best as you can.
My defense team:
Joon+14, cBolbtusk+20, Kadilen+19, Vela, Lianna+18

If I didn’t have Vela, I’d probably put Richard in her place.

In raids I always use Isarnia, Kirill, Grimm, Azlar, Elena, Mariana, cBoldtusk, Lannan and Kadilen, cRigard, cTiburtus, Domitia, Quintis, Joon and Vivica in different combinations.

cKiril+10 and ©Sonya are always part of my blue stack
BT+15 and Scarlett+9 still make my red stack
©Caedmon+18 never leaves my my green stack, and cMelendor gets used frequently as well
cRigard and cTibs+14 always go hand-in-hand in my purple stack

Sadly, yellow is where S1 falls flat on its face except for Joon+6, who I bring along 50% of the time depending on whether I want raw damage output or mana control, in which case I use Mist+18 instead

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