5* Dark to Ascend - Depth

Hey Guys,

So, I am really stuck here. Currently, my maxed 5* Darks are:

  • Jabber (20)
  • Seshat (20)
  • Clarissa (10)
  • Hel (9)
  • Obakan (I refuse to give emblems to)

I currently have the following at 3/70:

  • Dr. Moreau
  • Zulag
  • Aeron

During the Costumes/Valhalla Forever, I pulled:

  • Bera
  • Sartana (Costume)

And in the last NT, I ended up pulling Onyx.

Meanwhile, I also have the following that I started/stopped working on upgrading:

  • Domitia
  • Malicna

With that being said, I am looking to add depth to my current war teams and am wondering which Dark I should focus on out of all of these.

Prior to pulling Onxy, the consensus pointed to Bera for her minion control. I wonder if Onyx changes any body’s minds.

Any suggestions? Last time I posted, it was unanimous that I focus on Hel and I did. Now, I feel truly stuck on which Dark hero to focus on.

Thanks in advance,

Bera 100 percent first. She is a great tank, and riduclously useful on offense.
Dr. Moreau is great as his stats are totally out of line with all the previous heroes, as is the case with all s4 heroes.
With the exception of some key titan heroes and war tanks, S4 heroes kind of make the rest mostly irrelevant.
Old HoTM’s, S1 and S2 heroes even with costumes are kind of wasted mats at this point.
There are a few exeptions (miki, costume kadilen, costume marjana, poseidon, maybe ariel, tarlak for the titans where miki can’t go)
But Bera is solid, she is probably who should get your next tabbards in my opinion.


Bera, Dr More, Malicna in that order. Bera is top hero in the defense setup. More for his stats and blind. Malicna if you dont have any other project at that time. The others can be fed to HA10

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If it’s roster depth you are looking for, I’d go with Bera.

It looks like you could use a minion summoner for bloody battle tournaments (they provide pseudo-healing).

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and in AW with undead horde Bera is preventing your opponent of getting the minions :grinning:

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