Become a founding member of the Hound's Tooth

Hey everyone,

Ours is a brand new alliance, looking for active players to join a new community of heroes to build our own Empire!

We have just a few simple rules:

  • Don’t miss back-to-back titans
  • Participate in war (3 flags or more), or opt-out
  • Positive contributions to the community (no drama or other shenanigans)

Really we’re just looking for active players who want to participate and work together to kill titans and win wars! If something happens and pulls you away, just let us know when you can. No trophy requirements or team skill requirements. Primary language is English.

Once we have a solid core group of founding members, we’ll start a discord or line server (depending on the preference of those founding members).

Hope to see you there!

Hey all!

We’ve found some new members, but we need more! We’re gearing up for our first war. This is your chance to be there from the beginning and help build an alliance from the ground up, so when we are fighting 11* titans, you remember when they were just little guppies we were smacking around.

Spots won’t last. All are welcome… we only ask for your participation and respect (for all members of the alliance).


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