Raging nerd hounds alliance

We are looking for two members to help us conquer titans and war opponents. Our goal is to reach the top. Come check us out. Friendly chatty family like alliance. Must have at least 3 teams deep currently battling 10 star titans.

R u guys still looking for players? R u getting full participation in war?

Hi @Buckmasterbmb,

We are at 28/30, so two spots still open. Usually we have full war participation. Occasionally 1 or 2 opt out for war for various real-life reasons like vacations.

Yeah well thats cool i dont mind opt outs. What kills me is problem im having with current alliance is losing cause like 40 left over flags

Ah, yes, that would be super frustrating. Not a concern with us. We all use all our flags every battle.

Hope you’ll come knock on our door after the next war and check us out!

So i need a invite to join u guys?

I dont even care about this war. Send me invite if u can. Buckmasterbmb

Hi I’m the leader of the nerd hounds do you have Line app or discord?

You can search for our alliance in game and just ask to join. But you have to have left your alliance first.

Are you comparable with our members in strength? What is your level and team power?

Hi. Do you have any more spots to fill. I am currently at 2518 cup points. Have been battling 10* and 11* titans. Currently at Level 52. Still trying to improve my heroes lineup. Have 36 maxed up 4* and 5* heroes. Never miss Titans and never fail to use my war flags if I have not opted out. I have Discord. Thanks.

Hello KBT. We have 2 open spots right now. Sounds like you’d be well aligned with our power. We just finished killing an 11* rare.

You can search for our alliance and if you are not in an alliance there is a button that lets you ask to join. We’d be pleased to welcome you.

1 spot left!

Will it be you?

Come knock on our door, or message modernthinker on the Line app to learn more about our alliance.

We kill 11* and are aiming to be top 100 alliance in wars. Raging Nerd Hounds don’t bite friends, only Titans. Join quick, before we are full.

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One spot available. Don’t miss out, knock on our door today!

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We’ve had one join, but we’ve also had a retirement. Bon Voyage Anydra, we wish to the best, and will miss you .

Ready to find out more about the Raging Nerd Hounds? Like beating up on 11* Titans? Use all your war flags (or opt out if life is busy)? Search us in alliances and click to join - we will open the door for you to check us out.

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We are looking for two members that are active and that will help us reach our goal to conquer titans and conquer wars. You could look for modern thinker on line or at discord he will provide you with his info or up could look me up at princej11 (line app) looking forward to winning wars and taking down titans with you

Last war was a blast. And Titan loot is always appreciated. Come get some. Join today!

first time we ever scored 6000 in war

1 spot open come join a fun and active alliance.