Hade's War Hounds recruiting new members (9 or less) or open to a alliance merger

Hi All,

Hades’ War Hounds is open to new recruits we currently have nine spaces available. We’ve got a current minimum trophy requirement of 400 but if you contact us here was can adjust so you can join. House rules are if you are in action for the alliance war use all your lives but you didn’t have to participate in the wars. Plus if you are around please hit the Titan. Friendly chat in the app, so no need to other chat tools.

Also, we are open to the idea of another alliance merging with us. Either a small alliance to fill the alliance out. Alternatively, a larger one that is in a similar situation to us so we can create two new alliances, a training/growing alliance and a heavier hitters alliance for the stronger players.

Update - down to 8 players now.


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