How To Get 200K Titan Hits - Hint: You Need Miki

A small walk through on consistently getting 200k Titan Hits

Edit: Some people have questioned the value of Scrolls of Alteration. Today I used the some from PoV and set a new high score for me.


Can’t watch now but will before the night is over

Glad you decided to do this, should be a fun watch

And was a fun watch, also informational

Not a goal i have personally just due to the resource cost taking away from other parts of the game for me(challenge events and wars) but some helpful tips if i ever do decide to give it a go

100% agreed that you have to have goals in this game or it becomes rather pointless but i find that to be the case with life in general


Thanks…a few wanted me to record and figured it’s better to talk it through a bit rather than just watching tiles flip.

Events are my next goal…so many resources it seems so saving up .

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1 difficulty tier or all 3? Any specific score tier? Does that mean you’ll be cuttin back on titan hits?

I only use resources in red titans, so kinda already scaled back.

Only legendary, might toy around with 3* for Top 100, but I don’t have any 4*

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I only hit

Top 1k in rare
Top 500 epic
Top 100 legendary

It’s just less time consuming than pushing for top 10 in any given tier

Legendary i typically stock up:
150 battle axes
150 bombs
150 dragon attacks
150 super manas

Gives me 2 good runs per stage(though i don’t always replay every stage, i like havin the option and that’s just the easy threshold i set for myself when originally started stockin up)

Also means I’m pretty board conservative for the most part. Typically 5-7 world energy flasks. Sometimes more or less depending on boards and how much autogenerated world energy I’ve put towards it but that’s typically what i keep in stock just for the event

I’m no pro by any means and never will be. I just hit the minimum thresholds for 4* mats. One day I’d like to go balls out and hit top 10 or somethin but never the right time due to work and i just can’t part with the amount of resources it would probly take me since i would gamble a bit more i believe if i was tryin to get the highest scores i possibly can(right now i just go for “that’ll do” scores)

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Thanks, resource allocation is the one thing that the strategy vids from top event players never really talk about

I just wanna know how do you keep up the tornado production? Can’t find nuggets anywhere.

Thanks for sharing BTW.

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I get a lot when I farm during Atlantis Rising

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Road House–


Lol… that’s broken. I thought there was a modifier so that you couldn’t get “big hits” on smaller titans

There is…that isn’t about small titans…it’s about Miki and Scrolls…take my average 200k hits on 3*, 9*, 14* (Reds only)… add in scrolls of alteration and you get a combo 19 of blues with Miki, Isarnia, Frida active.

Right on. I tried those scroll of alterations with Rataskor ( mines only 3/70 waiting on tonics) and thought wow- they’re handy! Thanks for posting this Ender.

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used at the right time with the right team they are game changers.

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