Bane Costume - what's the point?

Apologies but I can’t find a way to attach pictures to illustrate, but I am wondering what is the point of costuming Bane.

Without costume his special does 300 damage with 35% chance the target misses for three turns, yet with costume his damage reduces to 280 with a 40% chance to miss.

I am underwhelmed by this change and hardly see it as improvement, indeed I could argue it is a downgrade. He goes from being a Monk to a Paladin, but I don’t really see the significance of this… What am I missing? Some of the other costumes seem far better, so what’s the point with the Bane Costume.

Please enlighten


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with the exception of a few, costumes are just a money grab. their only use is stats bonuses for maxed costumes.

Well, they buffed it.

Originally the costume took it from 300/35 to 299/36.

The biggest benefit of many costumes is the boost to baseline stats more than the specials. His shield, health and attack all increase as compared to without the costume. Might not be enough to justify leveling it for many people, but it will give you a stronger hero in the end. The costume bonus is the real benefit, whether you equip it or not.


The % on the card and the damge are not the same and its usless to use it to rank different cards.

If you want to compare you need to be looking at % * att stat

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Actually his attack goes up with costume but his defence and health go down. Ridiculous and waste of resources levelling costume to me!

Hiya :slight_smile:

For me personally, the biggest benefit of the costumes is the Stat Boost. By maxing the costume (even if you don’t use it) you immediately get a 5% boost to attack & defence & Mana Speed and a 10% boost to the hero HP.

Now if we go back to the Bane Costume question just doing a little bit of a comparison…

First comparing the hero stats:
So from a cursory inspection you get what you have highlighted… That the the Costume doesnt make much sense… BUT if we now look at the damage that is inflicted using the special skill:


So as you can see, because Costume Bane has the much higher attack stat, he actually deals both MORE DAMAGE and inflicts a larger Blind…

So overall, I think this well & truly answers your question of “whats the point” because Costume Bane is actually BETTER than normal Bane… both in damage dealt & the accuracy debuff inflicted.

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Edit 2: Link to the source of the “Damage Calculation” I used:


Wow, this is far more complicated than I first thought! Cheers for explaining…


Hi, I was looking at the numbers for leveling up Bane in costume but his Special skill percentage and most other numbers are lower what’s the point? Maybe this needs to be adjusted? I don’t see any advantage of having him in costume at this point. This has to have been overlooked.

Hiya @cacalaca,

I’ve moved your “bugs” thread to another one which asks the same question.

Read above for my comprehensive answer to your question.

If you’re interested this thread I made goes thru ALL the costumes and works out “what the point” of them is & which is better (imo):