Back from hiatus - which 5* to ascend from each colour?

Hi guys!

I’m back from a long hiatus so I’m very out of date with all the new heroes, and it’s unlikely I’m going to spend much money any more so not counting on too many new ones. I’d like to know who you’d recommend me ascending from each colour (I’ve put a * on who I’m leaning towards). I’m happy with my defence team so these will mainly be for raids/tournaments/wars etc.

These are my 3/70 heroes waiting to be ascended:
Yellow: White Rabbit*, Joon, Neith, Ranvir, Rana (costumed)
Purple: Domitia*, Grimble, Mok-Arr (or should I wait until I get someone better?)
Green: Kingston*, Lianna, Lady of the Lake, Horghall, Atomos
Blue: Vela*, Rumpelstillskin, Richard, Isarnia
Red: Mitsuko*, Grazul*, Anzogh, Red Hood, Marjana, Natalya, Guardian Kong, Khagan, Elena (which TWO and in order of priority)

These are my heroes that have already been fully ascended:
Yellow: Poseidon, Inari
Purple: Ursena, Seshat (x2)
Green: Tarlak, Alberich, Margaret
Blue: Ariel, Frida
Red: Ares, Gravemaker (x2)

I’m also working through the entire Valhalla map to collect those coins so hopefully I can pull some 5* Valhalla heroes haha. Oh and if there’s any upcoming HoTM I should hold out for please let me know too. Thanks for your help!

Rabbit, Grimble, LotL, Vela, Mits

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Yellow: I would say white rabbit because you don’t have a defence down yet. Second would be C Rana because at least she can cleanse herself and neighbours. Water damage hits hard with a decent mana troop

Purple: grimble for ultility, against minion teams he is really valuable

Green: Kingston as that attack down could be valuable. Followed by lotl, you could use another healer in your team

Blue: not feeling it. I would pass and wait for a better S4 blue. But standard isarnia is still reliable anywhere

Red: grazul, then mitsuko

Thanks guys, appreciate the feedback. I’ve also added a few more greens and reds that I left out earlier.

Another vote for Vela here. I levelled her when she was good but I still use her a whole lot. Instead of a massive attack down on red she now has a reasonable attack down on all, and if C. Rana’s water damage is good, well, Vela does that too. But no harm can come from waiting to see what other blues you get. If you can bear to, perhaps hold off until you have two sets of scopes so you won’t get that hideous regret when you summon, say, Morel or Cobalt.

They’re not joking about Grimble. Wherever there’s a minion, Grimble is your gnome. He makes Bera and Freya cry. Domitia has dispel but average speed and s1 stats; mine will sit at 3.70 forever unless her costume turns up.

Okay thanks for your help, based on all your feedback this is what I’ll probably do:

Yellow: White Rabbit
Purple: Grimble
Green: Kingston (then LoTL)
Blue: Vera (maybe…TBC)
Red: Mitsuko and Grazul

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