A question about war

I understand that war takes 2 to tango, but what happens if there is no match for you?

I’m not sure this has ever happened. Certainly there have been some really lop-sided matches, and the smaller your alliance, the more likely that is to have happen.

I guess after 99% of the matchmaking has been done and there are three remaining alliances, it’s conceivable that one alliance won’t have an opponent.

It’ll be interesting to hear from players who may have experienced it.

exactly my point lol i’ve just recently decided to try smaller end wars, and its gotten me thinking about it, not because i’m “scared” of fighting above or below my weight class, but what if i don’t find a match at all? does war get cancelled? do i get a free win? all things that are very unlikely to happen but COULD. My luck is well warranted to hvae such a scenario happen.

When I ventured out on my own for a week I found out that the matchmaking takes FOREVER! I’m used to the wars starting at the same times and it took 5 hours to match my two teams. Luckily I had a friend who was also in a small alliance so he was able to assure me that that is what happens.

The couple of wars I did gight I was well-matched though.

Well, if there’s an odd number of alliances opting in for war … someone will be left out.

… and now I’m wondering if SGG might have an in-house team as a designated fifth-wheel …

Maybe it’s like raids where it’s possible to get a mirror match? That would be pretty cool, actually. :smile:

Mirror match?? Explaaaaain plz

This thread explains it better than I could:


How would that work in war though? If you meet your Doppleganger in a raid it’s the AI that runs the copy. In AW both sides need player intervention. Or does the AI do attacks as well? In that case, easy win, just give the 5 points and call it a day.

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