Avising . On Colour Leveling

Hello guys. I hope you are doing well! .
Today i have pulled some worthy 4* heroes that id like to max asap (Kelile, Hansel and Gretel).
As i was already leveling a second Rigard i dont want to drop it .

I have some questions to those people who usually level this way.

1- How much time the leveling takes?

2- How is your training camp scheme?

I have leveled some heroes this month so Atlantis Rise farming wasnt enough and only have 200 adventure pack remaining

Im running 4 tc 11 but this way it seems to take so long .

I appreciate your piece of advise !


I still always rainbow color leveling project plan.

I’m not sure and did not excact, but it is around 2-3 weeks.

TC: 11-11-2-1
some times: 11-11-2-20
some times: 11-11-2-19
So, basically as long as I have adventure pack and sword, I use it for TC2 and TC1 running.
Because of Atlantis Rise, usually now TC2 is non stop.

Here is my 1 year and half: played since feb 2019.


If those don’t help, let me know


My tc scheme is way different now as i dont really care as much as i guess due to only maxing like 1 hero a month and sometimes not even that

But when i was building depth after atlantis rising was introduced to the game:
Tc20(12 if you dont want anymore s1 4s/5s)

Keepin an eye on xp per ham breakpoints and coordinating feeders accordingly also helps

I’ve been doin that for a long time but it always takes me way way too long of an explanation to make it clear to others, i found this vid a few months back that i think summarizes it better than i could ever hope to do myself:

(Went ahead and included 2 vids cause i cant remember which explained it better)


Thanks @jinbatsu and @Rigs

Id like to run a tc 1 too but i see myself running out of recruits very soon. Only have 700 recruits spreaded along my tc 11.

I have used lot of resources to level a rainbow of 3* star heroes and to max triton and start rigard.


So i was thinking about running

two tc 11


1 tc 1

and 1 tc 2

but as i said im afraid of running out of recruits.

if i use all the stored recruits (700) to run the fastest camps and all the new recruits i get for normal farming to feed my two tc11??

this until next Atlantis hits where i can farm again


Where do you do your daily farming?

My dailys farming is avodcated to do S1 8-7.

But now with the event i couldnt do the farming part as i usually do

I really like the scheme you shared but without the tc20 as i dont need for the moment new heroes to work on if not feeders to work with i already got

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Yea event does get in the way

You should be able to combine your recruits into 2 tc11 1 tc 2 1 tc1

I started out by getting the tc2 and tc1 to ~12 hours out in production

Then using a few flasks to farm my normal s1 stage for recruits
Dumpin the recruits into 1 tc11

Pullin recruits from that tc11 AS NEEDED to keep the other 3 running

Usually gives you time to build up more packs & swords before the tc1 and tc2 run out as well

Then even when events/quests are up

I still farm at least 2x a day and spend the rest of my w/e on the quest/event

If deadline pops up and I’m behind, i pop 100 gems for w/e(rarely happens) and complete

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I always have 10 heroes levelling (my first two teams listed). One hero of each color for 4*/5* and one of each color 3*. I prioritize the 4*/5* heroes but as they get higher and costlier to upgrade, I dump the 1* heroes on the 3* heroes. Always feeding same colors. The only exception to same color feeding is when 4*/5* heroes are near max for final couple levels, I’ll mix to finish them off.

As for camps, I continuously run TC20, TC11 and TC2. The final camp I’ve been rotating between TC11 and TC1. Working on bringing this camp to level 19 so I can use that in the rotation as well.


Look rigs. I have done as you advised .

two tc 11 storing recruits
1 tc 1 12hs
1 tc 2 12hs

Later today i will start farming for more recruits in 8-7.

I needed a guide and you help me just in time thanks

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I would reverse this fwiw

You can actually save hams & time & feeders by mix leveling at low levels and better/same color feeders at later levels

You get more xp at low ham cost in low levels
Less xp with higher ham cost at higher levels
Due to the way the system is designed

So figuring out how to maximize the low levels and save the most in the higher levels can save a lot of resources and time

But that’s just my 2 cents

Always more ways than 1 to skin a cat

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@Pike any thoughts here?

Gladly! I am patient. It takes as long as it takes. 2 tc20, tc 11, tc4. All 1 * to 3 * are fed immediately (of course by color and by 10 if necessary). I get backpacks from S2 1.8h and 8.7 until the chest is full. Excess recruits in the TC20. Teams rainbow. Have enough level 4 *, work on my 5 *. Never enough material. I’m always amazed at how much material some have. I don’t know if it’s the best way, but I’m happy. Advises?


why do you run a tc4?

In color feeding is better in the long run until you have a deep roster, I switched when reaching the point where I could go to war with all maxed heroes without 3*

Usually I run my TCS 20-20-11-1/2/11/19/20

Level 3* with 1* in color to get the best odds to finish with skill level 8 at 3-50 (almost never happens),
Tc1 is the best choice.
Sometimes I use tc19. Quick, only 1day and very expensive, but ok compared to leveling 4 or even 5* with tc19

TC 1 is also best used when you start a new rainbow set of 4*/5* in color until they get to 3rd ascension (good odds for skill lvl 8) and ok regarding ham consumption.

TC2 as often as packs are available

Never use any TC else beside 1, 2, 11, 19, 20

I’ve never actually tracked it, myself. My best guestimate for leveling a 5* hero: forever and a day. 4* heroes: forever minus a day or two.


One permanent TC20
One permanent TC11
One temporary TC19 (depending on mats and recruits)
One temporary TC2 (depending on mats and recruits)

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Should i keep the two stars to use them in later levels ? or simply throw all depending on the color of the hero .

The use of the tc 20 is for the chance of a 5*? or for storage proposes

Mostly for the chance of a 5*. Because I can’t afford to do a whole bunch of summons, I’ve relied on TC20 to supply most of my bench with epic and legendary heroes. But full admission, I probably currently have more 5* heroes than I have mats to ascend. Which is why I’m only running one TC20 at the moment. If I finish all my other heroes and need more 5*s, I’ll convert all four of them to TC20 until I pull another.

EDIT: also, once I run out of backpacks, I’m switching my TC2 to TC1 and burning through the thousands of wooden swords I have stockpiled.

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