Aussie Marauders with spots available

Aussie Marauders is looking for players to fill a couple of spots. Currently bringing down 7* titans and just need a little help to get that elusive 8* titan. If you are looking for a fun and supportive alliance and are a daily player then look us up. Trophy requirement of 1200.

Still have a couple of spots available. We are an international alliance not just restricted to Australia.
Members are already getting prepared for the Alliance Wars so if you want to be part of the fun look us up - Aussie Marauders

Aussie Marauders looking for daily players again. Have brought down a few 8* titans but have lost a few players since AW started. We have decided to take a casual approach to the wars until the matchmaking is fixed. So if you want a fun supportive alliance and time to grow into the wars then give us a go!

Hi my name is toys4badboys I do have line my username is the same as my in-game name so if you want add me