Aussie Marauders recruiting


Friendly alliance currently taking down 5 and 6* titans. Looking for regular active players to work with us to reach the next level. Together that 7* titan won’t stand a chance!
1000 trophies and a commitment to attack titans is all that is needed!


Aussie Marauders still have a few spots left. Don’t have to be Australian, just keen to fight titans!


I’m in. Im an Aussie (sydney) and t1800+.


Another Sydneysider. You would be more than welcome, just lookup Aussie Marauders in the alliance section and join. Currently taking down a 6* titan but could use any help available…


Still one spot left, now defeating 7* though we fell short on our first 8*. Come and join us if you think you could help!


Another new spot has opened up… Come and join us if you are looking for a friendly alliance that is committed to growing in attacking titans…