🔵 [Aug 18, 2019] Trials of Fortitude Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

my roster is only 33 so I’m restricted, my own fault, doing fine so far with these though


Last Time only stage 2.
Now after have some max *4, I can see that I can beat stage 3, and the result…

Last Time do not have Hansel, and use Mnesseus instead, and now Hansel and also maxed, because TC19 faster.
I’m using bear banner as always against att debuff opponent.
Have also 2 dispell Melendor and Caedmon, one good healer, one mana control, one att buff and 1 counter attack (Boril not mandatory, but sturdy hero needed), so this battle come easier.

OK, fresh at boss stages all full health, mana ready, used already 3 axes from begining each stages (for savety).

Great result, no trouble and without worried so much even Brienne is still standby.

Cleric: I still not decide yet, I already spend Hansel+1 and Boril+1, so will keep for a while.
Druid: Maybe I will keep for Gaderius

My green project is already finish Hansel, and currently I’m leveling Little John and Gaderius focus skill to make both 3.60. So, will keep trainer for a while.


Lepus and baby Gadeirus (3/15) and fetus Boril (1/1) are my only 4s and 5s here. Not sure yet if I’ll be attempting the last level, but probably not yet. Not until Gaderius and Boril hit puberty anyway.

My crack team of Lepus +1 / Brienne +6 / Belith +8 / Mnessus +6 / Melia +6 did great in the first two levels though. In past trials I’ve brought Hawkmoon +6 instead of Melia and did equally well.


Brought 5 healers… Setup:

Didn’t want to fight long and nuked the bosses into eternity.

Tarlak had breakfast and Ariel got her 2nd node.

Very healthy infernal clip:


Doff Doff, yeah!!! 15 little minions going off is Crazy awesome lol



No, Caedmon 4/70+18 hit hard, buffed by Gadeirus and helped by Gafar’s heal block.

No, Boril is too passive to kill Vivica.

Gobbler 3/60 replaced by Gafar 3/60.

Old Team:

New Team:

Should have been if not for a moment when I forgot to use potion on Gafar resulting in his death midway through the boss wave…

8 Healing Potions
5 Arrow Attacks
4 Axe Attacks
3 Minor Mana Potions


My options for this Trial:

An almost max Kunchen was my big upgrade for this Trial, I appreciate that the def down will overwrite Viv’s buff. I ended up keeping Caedmon and leaving out Melendor because they both dispell and I wanted more offense rather than a healing war.

Couple mana pots to speed up the result but it was all good:

Gadeirus gets the trainer, almost to max and then I can start Gobbler, yay…


Kunchen, Vivica, Ariel, Gafar, Ranvir. Not as easy as the ones with Wizards (Hel and Proteus) but still a piece of cake.


Melendor, Gade, Rigard, Boril and Caed.

Went well, used 2 dragon attacks on the last level due to my lack of firepower.

Finished off LJ with the Trainer.


Melendor 4^70 (+7) , Boril 4^5 , Rigard 4^40 , Hansel 4^15 , Kailani 3^50 (+4)

Yep not a very strong team lol I’m still relatively new / inexperienced. Pretty sure second time I’ve “beat” 3rd stage, but my lineup would have been different then, must’ve got lucky previously! Or my previous lineup was actually stronger… :thinking: :rofl:

Had to use all items (arrows, mid/high healing pots, dragon) on 3rd stage, and two continues (RIP 150 gems)… but dagnamit I wanted those extra emblems! :laughing:

Bombed Horghall, but frustrating boards (lots of red, of course, and many cascades that left me yelling “nooooo! settle down team!” haha) made it hard to sync myself against Vivica and Boril. Took a good 15 mins or more to get rid of Boril (he was hovering b/w 5-15%ish health most of that time too :tired_face:) but by then I was left with Melendor and Rigard only :unamused:. I just fell on my sword at that point, took the second continue, and grinded through her. Had run out of arsenal except one measly arrow before first continue…

Only other heros I could have reasonably (i.e. got more than a couple levels on them) brought are Hawkmoon (+4) , Melia (+3) , Mnessus (+4) and Brienne (+3) … used Melia in earlier stages.

LJ got the 3-star training workout (at 3^56 now), saving cleric emblems for either Rigard or Hansel, while I’ve only got 20 druid emblems total now lol so yeah not a lot of use.

Btw first post here, been lurker for a while. Methinks I’ll have to do a typical “here’s my situation, please advise!” post next up! :wink:


I went in with a combination that I knew would make for a long battle but felt well equipped to handle the challenge .

This was more of a marathon than a race to the finish. My poor Ranvir went down early so unfortunately I lost the extra attack boost but not before I had done some serious damage. I used a few arrows but that was really all I needed. Victory was mine to have

I gave the emblems to Kunchen because why not make your favorite tank a little tankier ?!? :blush:

And I gave the trainer hero to Onatel, wrong color and all, because why not? Lol.


Here’s what I’m bringing, I’ve never been able to defeat the 3rd level on any of these but I’m going to keep trying


Good luck! I’d be taking some war axes or something to help take out the last stage bosses, but let us know how it goes. :slight_smile:

I went Ranvir (3/70), Hansel (4/60), Boril (4/25), Elkanen (3/70), and Melendor (3/52) and didn’t have a problem until the last stage boss battle. Viv just wanted to linger.
I had to wait it out and lost Mel, Elk and Boril along the way, but “so hot right now” Hansel and some axes took her out with only a few breaths left.


Viv, Caed, Elk, Caed, Kunchen worked well for me. Brought small and medium mana, used them all to charge my hitters for when Horghall was close, and then again for viv. With 2 fast dispellers and 2 healers lone boril was no sweat.


@originaldaveo, IMO better Battle Items for this trial is to counter opponent boss.
I suggest bring: 5 axes, 5 bomb, 10 heal (not 5 super heal), 5 bear banner.
Strategy to use:

  1. Each step at start use 1 axe, so opponent attack reduced
  2. Before final step, try all heroes mana are ready recharged
  3. Use bear banner if your allies attacked by Horghall skill att debuff, so you did not need antidote or Super antidote at all, it will replace and has more advantage, because our allies now has attack buff

Thats it, IMO… good luck.


Same team as last time. BTW last time I underestimated Vivica and ruined me so I had to do the final twice. Thus, this time I didn’t save anything and nuked them, as I didn’t want Vivica to make me wast my bombs and dragon attacks. I do need to find more attack for this trial.

Emblems, and trainer hero go to storage. Rigard is good enough at +12 and druid emblems are waiting for a worthy owner


I’ll try that, thanks!


Kadilen takes the place of Brienne.

It made a HUGE difference. Seeing Horghall hit for 150 made that trial a lot easier.

Horghall fell first and fast.
Used 1 dragon to finish Boril, as VVK was ready to heal him and Gafar was not.
Then VVK for dessert.

Trainer for Kadilen, who will be my first 5* to get to 4 tier tonight or tomorrow :partying_face:
Emblems on the bench for Rigard and Kadilen/Melendor.


I decided to play around a bit this time, bringing in Ariel for Ma North and a nearly leveled Gafar for Hansel.

  • On the bench: Ma North, Rigs, Gad, Mel, Hansel, 3.70 Elk, 3.60 Agwe

No issues getting to the bosses, everyone was locked and loaded for the final screen. Gafar was clearly the weakest link in the fight, as I had to use several healing pots on him, regular attacks from Viv and Boril nearly punched his ticket one round. After felling Horghall, I rolled the dice against a full mana and counter-attack protected Viv and managed to drop her using Lepus. It did not take much to finish Boril.

I likely won’t roll with this lineup again, Lepus and Gafar really need minion shields in this fight. Hopefully Gafar will be maxed next time (Panther is soaking up all the feeders right now).

Trainer is likely going to Panther, emblems to MN and Lepus.


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