🔵 [Aug 12, 2020] Trials of Survival -- Share & Discuss


Took this… took gormek 3/60 out for the shark :slight_smile: this was close really close haha :joy:
Used some items.

Everything in storage at the moment


No items needed.
No reset token received.
No loot used so far.
Trainer to Marjana.

Nice boss battle:


For me and my poor roaster it’s usually hard to beat 3rd stage without any healer in the team, but I did it this time! Axes and bomb attack were esstentials, but this 3* heroes are really fragile.


My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

Finally 2nd Brynhild is maxxed now, and join to the party.
Other Option


Decent start with full mana ready.

Nice with 3x blue double Grimm and Miki silence. And double Brynhild for complete healer. :muscle: :+1:
Finally without using items on Trial of Survival :muscle:


Emblems Rogue: Scarlett is already at +18 (optimal), now continue for Brynhild (plan both to be +7). Barbarian currently still hoarding (1017 in inventory). Trainer keep later either for JF or Noor. Not yet decide which should ascend (already have the 6th rings yesterday mount Umber).


I couldnt do the trial yet because the crash thing and because i have to fill a red chest. I will try later or maybe if sg give us a we flask.

Is this the only trial without a healer to use?

Sorry i see there is brynhild which i dont have

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Only Brynhild and Puss in Boot currently I think.

And it is already written in the OP:


Damn I finished it this morning already and now I had a hard time to remind myself of what I actually used, what with servers down and me forgetting to take screens.

Went with:

  • Miki +18
  • Brynhild 4/70
  • Sif +7
  • Guardian Kong 4/80
  • Kageburado +2

Kage is the new one, now being maxed, substituting Gretel I think. No items needed, Bryn was enough to heal damage when combined with Sif’s damage reduction and Miki silencing the boss round. Emblems will go to Sif and Kage, trainer dunno, I don’t even know what colour it was, not that it would be hard for me to look in this or past threads. :laughing:


Took out G.Jackal for Inari who is on final ascension this time,

Now reading through and @ThePirateKing 's team then realized I should have brought in Jott instead. Anyway, Inari made a good account of herself, setting off dodges here and there, but the squishy ones still ended up dying from slashes.

Used minor healing, minor mana and a healing pot.

Azlar now on his final ascension will take the trainer.
Rogue emblems added to storage for Inari, Barbarians saved.


Only did this on my main so far. Took 4-70 Danza, Grimm +20, Kelile +18, Scarlett +2, and G. Jackal +9 (or +10 Don’t remember). Was able to blaze through the first two stages easily enough, third had to be real cautious of the health because 3 out of my 5 members are glass cannons. Ended up losing Kelile due to not paying attention, ugh. Anyway, rogue emblems are being saved for Jackal (he is gonna go all the way to +20), and barbarian emblems are being stored for now.


My team this time:

  • Domitia +18
  • Azlar 4^80
  • Grimm +11
  • Little John +20
  • Brynhild 4^70

Still trying to get the mix right on this one. I was thinking about swapping out Brynhild, because of her weak tile damage against red enemies, but I decided instead to swap out Gormek (beefy but weak) for Grimm (squishy, but strong tile color and high attack). I put Brynhild between Grimm and Azlar to keep them alive. No other changes, although I toyed with somehow getting Marjana 4^80 into the mix. Also, I remembered to bring antidotes this time, just in case.

Mob waves weren’t too bad, but the heroes beyond Brynhild’s reach (LJ and Domitia) were starting to get worn down by the time they reached bosses. Fired all specials, and eventually achieved the primary goal, which is killing Boss Azlar before he fired. LJ’s mana cut is so key, and I did eventually manage to fire him a second time. Boss Nashgar went off a couple of times, but Brynhild protected his targets nicely, and he didn’t do any serious damage. I used a ton of healing potions, and I did lose LJ at the end, but ultimately, it went pretty well.

Barbarian emblems take Grimm to +12; not enough rogue emblems to take Scarlett up a talent. Trainer hero goes to Sumitomo, because I’m low on red projects.


Same team as last time:

Grimm - Brynhild - GM+10 - Margaret (3/70) - Scarlett

Barbarian emblems got my GM to +11. Close to 700 rogue emblems saved up in inventory now. Brynhild and Scarlett are potential contenders for my rogue emblems but I think I will still try to get a good 5* rogue before deciding. Hoping for Kestrel from Pirates (lol I don’t even have Marjana yet). Are there any other good 5* rogues coming up in Valhalla? Maybe Frigg would be worth embleming if I can get her


With kung fury soundtrack in the headphones K dared to challenge the 3rd stage with this team (screen is taken after the match, used bombs instead of axes)

The strong mobs forced me to eat half of potions when arrived the bosses. I getthem full charged but without a strong board. I had to use some tornadoes to gain mana and fire specials. And miracle scroll just in time. Finally I made it. Maybe not the worthest victory but I had to test myself

3* trainer will be Marjana’s meal.

My apologies in 1st screen I went with Azar, not Nashgar


wow, congrats for finishing it with two 3*s… and both of them survived, too! Great job!


I’m confused as to the lack of posts here? Isn’t that the trial about to end soon?

Team last time/ Team this time

Same team, up one emblem on Kage and 10 on Bryn. Spent healths on Kage because they picked him to pieces the whole match. Not really too difficult other than the apparent discrimination against Samurai.

Emblems saved for now, trainer to Jack O’Hare who is almost finished.


FYI, you put “My Team This Time” twice

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I forget to change it from copy-paste, thanks, fixed :+1:


Same team as last, probably a few more emblems. Used a few healingpotions (no healers), an antidote and a bomb

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Wayyy late but finally uploaded the video…

Did the Vanilla Challenge here @sleepyhead & @Muchacho (& @Olmor)



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