Attack Team and Defense Team Advice

So been playing game a couple weeks and bought couple packs thinking like other games and now realize I have no idea what to build lol

Just adding a link to your previous thread from a couple days ago for easy reference for people replying in this one:

If ur asking for advise…I would work on joon and kashhrek asap! Do u have a leveled rainbow team? If not that is very important.

Honestly Ive been all over place. Like my son wanted to summon so I bought packs and now have no idea what I want to do etc. I was building rainbow team but now have better characters etc so yeaj kind of stuck. I feel like chasing heroes shot myself in foot lol

Thanks Zephyr Im a mess lol

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Lately i have been focusing on 5 4* heros at a time to fill out my bench. The 4s go alot faster and dont require as much
mat-wise as 5
s. Don’t get to frazzled having an abundance of heros isn’t a bad thing. I usually look at my bench as a whole and try to pinpoint what im currently n need of.

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Well Im thinking of Joon, Toburtis, Grimm, Tusk Guy and then That green archer guy. Just dont know how Im supposed to place them in order. Like do I put whoever has most defense in first spot and work way down or highest attack first etc

Before giving you a long list of who you can focus on, if you are new to the game, start here:

Master List of E&P Links & Player Guides

Some folks advise making a full (rainbow) team of 3* before moving on to 4* and higher…others advise going straight to 4*. I like the first path if you are brand new, because you most likely won’t have the ascension materials needed to fully ascend any 4*.

So. Many of these are widely acknowledged as the best 3* in each color, some are ones I happen to like.

(For the most part, 1 and 2* are food; keep all 3* and higher until you know which ones are worth keeping…it’s cheaper to buy more hero space than kick yourself later for eating a hero you need. Most 4* and all 5* are keepers for now.)


  • 3* Gunnar, Valen
  • 4* Grimm
  • 5* Frida


  • 3* Nashgar, Namahage,
  • 4* Boldtusk, Kelile, Colen, Gormek, Scarlett


  • 3* Brienne*, Belith, Berden
  • 4* Kashhrek


  • 3* Bane
  • 4* LiXiu
  • 5* Joon


  • 3* Balthazar
  • 4* Tiburtus

1st u have to consider their powers if they need to b n a certain spot. Ex a hero that heals himself and nearby allies will need to b placed n the tank spot (middle) or n one of the flank spots ( the spots on either side of tank)
This is the names for each hero slot…
Ender, Flank, Tank, Flank, Ender

Ok so looking at what I have who should I have in each spot for a team 1 and team 2 and I will just focus on that for now

Do u have the mats for freida?
U have options if those were my heros i would have… boldtusk, joon, freida, kash, tiburtus. In that order. You have a few good choices for red but boldtusk is a good healer. Grim is a second option for blue if u don’t have the ascension items for freida. Four of the heros n that line up can b put anywhere, except kash. This gives u options if u bring a new hero into ur line up down the road. I would also work on gormek or another one of ur 4* red heros after ur rainbow team. When I started I tried to get a healer and a striker of each color. Hope this helps :blush:

Thank you for all the help

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This is what I put together for teams based on what I have available etc. Let me know if any spots should be changed. I appreciate all the help

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