Atlantis Summons – Results & Discussion [November 2018 through February 2020]

@Calling_Demon, THIS was the ONE hero I was after, Chochin and Graymane’s and a few Gill-Ra’s sprinkled in to break up the monotony. So now that I know you have all my Perseus’s, I’m mixing a giant vault of napalm, loading it on my helicopter and burning it ALL…unless you’d be kind enough to forward your address?

P.S Don’t forward address, I prefer the “burn it ALL” method :wink:


Was the last atlantis specific hero i was after. Wilbur, proteus and peters will be a fun combo to mess with. Got a 2nd sumitomo, 2nd danzaburo (he does look like the offspring of wu kong and hu tao though!), my 4th and 5th Gatos to complete my 5 pack. 2 more muggy, Chochin and about 10 feeders. All in all a good event pull for me


100x coins…

A second Magni, well… I do not know if I want to up a second Magni or Thorne :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
No complaint :slightly_smiling_face:


Cursed. 6 more pulls got me a Xi Liu, Hu Tao, Chao, Gobbler, Agwe and Ulmer (spare me)…

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Almost 70 pulls and nothing but trash. Got 2 HoTM but would’ve been happier if it was Kingston.

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Called it…

13 pulls for now… any further will be with coins only. Somehow I managed to get 26 WE flasks since last atlantis so it’s gonna be autoplay day!

All I want from the featured heroes is Onatel as my yellows suck. But I know better than going all in for a specific hero. Got burnt too many times. She’s probably behind 4 Atomoses, 6 Natalyas and at least two dozens more of Grimble.


4th Proteus, 2nd Grimble :persevere:


I got burned hard chasing after Kageburado. Now he is featured I don’t even know if I want to make the summon or not lol…

Well I don’t have him but I don’t want him… I have Jabberwock on 3.70 awaiting last Tabbard and that Kage would make me scratch my head for a month.

Imagine going hard and getting 2 Atomos. That’s my fear lol


I had 5 coins. And 1500 gems. I planned to only use gems for farming but because I got terrible 3* with my Coins, I used 3 pulls with gems… got me a Wilbur finally! Everything else I got was 3* duplicates but I am happy I have WIlbur finally. Already concentrating on maxing him – i have no fine gloves though lol


Typical Atlantis summon for me.


I’m saving my gems for next month. Used my 2 coin pulls.



Understand… pulls is what I Love and hate at the same time… but chasing heroes is an Odyssee. Was lucky to get him with a 10x. Unfortunately sartana does not undress the tabbards she grabbed few days ago…

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Great pull!!

But why level up Vlad?!

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My first 5* from atlantis… Great day


At the risk of getting Atomos, I will have to vote: Pass and thank you for saving me money two months in a row during AR :rofl:


He will be my 5th dark 3 star for mono stacking. I level up all the event heroes 1st, then i do the classics later

I was unsure, whether I want to do any pulls this month, but I’m glad i spent my atlantis coins. 3 pulls in total, and it’s the first time I got a non-classic 5* from Atlantis. Gato is also a welcome sight, since I wanted to get some more of him for events. Also got Domitia from TC20 a moment before pulling, so that’s a very nice start of the day.


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