Asterius or Lady Loki

Who gets the rings?

If it wasn’t for the corrosive burn overriding Gravemaker’s regular burn…I would say Asterius…smh…I’m torn

What are your other maxed red heroes ?

Wait, but they dont ovveride. You can put Asterius burn on top of Gravemakers…


No you cant…

Must say i’m not really impressed by Asterius.
Only thing is the defence down reduction that could stack (but must be wary about order of specials).

From the staff in another thread:

  • Corrosive doesn’t override undispellables
  • Corrosive overrides dispellables (so normal burn doesn’t override corrosive burn)
  • Undispellables overrides corrosive
  • Corrosive overrides stacks
  • Corrosives secondary effects can stack with other similar ones e.g. Dark Lords corrosive poison with Little John’s minus mana generation
  • Dark Lords corrosive poison can be mana shielded by clerics due to the secondary effect
  • HOTMs can resists the whole corrosive effect, if they are immune to first or secondary effect e.g. Reuben and Ranvir both can resist Dark Lords status ailment

Well, whats the point of it being corrosive burn instead normal burn? How does it function differenly?

I thought that was the premise of being stackable…If it doesnt, then Asterius is alot weaker option…

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The difference has to do with the defense ailment. It does 88 burn damage per turn for 3 turns plus lowers the target’s defense by -10% each turn (so -30% by the third turn). At least that’s my understanding of it as I don’t have that hero.

Different abilites usually stack.

-Wukong attack buff with accuracy decrease and boldtusk attack up

  • Asterius def down (((aaaaah)

So maybe asterius burn doesnt stack but defense down does :slight_smile:

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The way I always look at is the ailment or buff icon themselves. Wu (dice) and Boldtusk (sword up) stack because they are different. The burn ailment for GM and Asterius are the same little fire icon so they overwrite each other. Since the Asterius def down is progressive I don’t know if they created a new ailment icon for it (like the stacking attack buff icon for Mireweave, for example). If not then it can be overwritten by say Kunchen’s defense down ailment. I think…not 100% sure.

Asterius for your def and Lady Loki for your off