Ascension pains - next yellow, dark and red 5*?

I’ve got a decent roster having had some luck with pulls, but mats is something else… few and far between. Really don’t want to muck next batch up (looking at you Elk and Leo!).

Here is my current D, and what I was planning to field after last dart shows for costumed Joon - would require stripping Poseidon and some other fellas for Kingston:

Then there was Sif. Would she make a better flank? Would it still be possible to keep her at flank swapping Alby in for FA?

So urgent yellow conundrum: costumed Joon or Sif? Have Guin, Leo, Poseidon, Ranvir maxed. New hero would go on defense and would be a priority for emblems (meaning some resetting of valued 4s unfortunately).

Red pains: have GMx2 and Marjana maxed. Should next be JF, Anzogh, Azlar, Elena, Kong or Santa? Hero would not go on defense and would not get emblems.

Dark pains: have Hel, Kage, Kunchen, Seshat and Victor maxed. Should next be Hel#2, Kage#2, Obakan, Domitia or Freya? Hero would not go on defense and would not get emblems.

Next blue will be Vela (have Frida, Finley, Magni, Athena), next green most likely LoTL (have Alby, Kingston, Lianna, Tarlak, Elk) - LoTL making Freya more appealing. Maybe.

If not way TLDR; please help!

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Def #2 but with Poseidon.

2nd Kage.

Mr. Fireball or Azlar? Hmm.
Probably JF to support your GMs.

Btw: That roster isn’t a pain at all.

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Thanks :)! But I can’t have Poseidon and King in same war D… they’re both fighters. That’s my headache :>. And Finley, Lianna, Seshat all rangers… Hel, Guin, Vic wizards… GM and Kage barbs, Alby, Vela both druids. Sorcerers however I have none maxed (LoTL being the only option). Bah.

Sif is a rogue, always nice on D. Costumed Joon is a fighter eating monk emblems. Choices choices.

cJoon will do.

Is it prohibited to have 2 of the same class on def?

I sometimes run 3 sorcerers 2 rogues. I don’t think that there is a big noticeable difference between +8 and +16.

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Well not prohibited, but not recommended if you want to not get oneshot too much. We face really heavy opponents and heroes on war d must be priority for emblems.

I’m wildly unhappy with my current lineup - this ongoing war I haven’t been oneshot, but I usually am. Poseidon is a weak link (no point in blinging him up only to strip shortly after) and it’s toothless with two slow healers.

Holy: cJoon - more power for your emblems, Blind can be useful on D.

Fire: JF boosts red attacking stacks, +crit makes a difference!
Forget Azlar - Kong and Anzogh are both far better options… Faster mana, similar upfront damage to (Kong more, Anz a little less), the burn is semi-irrelevant unless fights really really drag out (and that’s if you don’t overwrite with GM). The only reason to favour Azlar over either of them is tile damage for titans, but Elena has him beaten there.
Honestly, I’d be looking at JF or Kong/Anzogh only depending on whether you want some AoE or support.

Dark: Hel#2, probably.
Kage is useful early-fight and getting a jump on Guin tanks… But you don’t really need two of them. The other three IMHO are underwhelming.

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Thanks! I think for red I’m mostly trying to decide between JF and Anzogh… I’ve been going mono in war up until just recently when I started trying new setups out. Still a bit too soon to leave mono completely, but red and dark teams might be split up once next sets are finished. That would make JF a better option. Otherwise I feel a bit saturated when it comes to burn dots…

Kage or Hel, that’s an equally tough one. Get your point about Kage, and honestly - if I had two Victor I wouldn’t need to ask about it, he’d wear those tabs. Neither Kage nor Hel are amazing on his level… they are both very useful though, and going 3-2 I’d like two of both. Hm. Freya is appealing due to novelty factor, and would make LoTL an easier choice, but she’s no killer.

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