[Suggestion] Same hero, free, class node reconfigure or some fun with class nodes

[Suggestion] Same hero, free, class node reconfigure or some fun with class nodes

Add a free reconfigure button to the talent grid.

I would prefer if reset emblems gave back all emblems, all iron ( could temporarily exceed max storage) and all food ( could temporarily exceed max storage). Since they do not, reset emblems are useless to me. Which is sadly a relief because they are rarer than tonics for me.

I would prefer if we could use Alchemy Lab to convert emblems into gold emblems that could be used on troops. Troop X*+50 would temporarily give you +50 emblems for class nodes on the matching hero. I would have a purple Level 15, 2*+Y troop.

Instead, I treat emblems as permanent, like 3* / 4* non farmable ascension items.

Many of my X*+1 heroes are to get the talent at 1/5.

Almost all of my X*+2, or higher, hero are team heroes, game changing heroes, class quest heroes ( use emblems to get more emblems), normal titan heroes, rare titan heroes and heroes I do not want to die.

Every 4* hero I have at X*+2, or higher, on my Twilights Bastion account ( TBA ) is DEF & HP.

This is boring, boring, boring and boring.

Since reset emblems are useless to me, please add a free reconfigure button that will let me keep all the emblems on the same hero, but redistribute them.

I believe @Kerridoc has suggested a weaker version when first activating several nodes.

The reconfigure button would be free, with no timer, but locked out once a hero was placed on a defense team. Rumor from Beta says switching hero costumes are free, with no timer, but locked once a hero is placed on a defense team.

Emblems are my favorite addition to Empires, closely followed by Harpoons/ Titanium shields/ Panacea. But reset emblems, and talent grids, have become disappointing.

A hero reconfigure button would be cool.

If this option means to be able to reroute emblems on the same hero, without the need to reset, for instance if I had emblemed taking attack route on the grid but now want to opt for more of defense route on the same hero, then I should be able to step by step reroute, if this option is for that then I’m in.

Because as it is, once you follow a path either by intent or error, it is rigid you can’t simply retrace unless an outright reset with its associated penalty.

I agree that some mechanism for shifting emblems from one side of the tree to another, short of a full reset, would be very welcome. Unlike @Gryphonknight I’d be okay paying the full food/iron cost for such a transfer, provided the emblems moved 100%.

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@PapaHeavy, you are such a rebel :wink:

Partial cost

From a marketing point of view, I feel this would be a disaster.

Lost resources

While I find them useless, reset emblems let a customer know they are going to lose a a ton of iron and food. If a customer could reconfigure multiple times per hour, the customer could quickly consume millions in food and iron.

F2P friendly

I feel a totally free reconfigure, would be more F2P friendly especially the way iron production, and use, is so radically different from food production, and use, in Empires ( see notes).

Perceived P2W

While F2P complain that P2W can buy emblems in the shop, and seasonal offers, I feel this would actually be P2W since heavy spenders could buy iron and food refills to reconfigure their less useful heroes. Making older heroes in their roster more useful to heavy spenders while hobbling F2P with older heroes with outdated builds. Or at least that would be one way to view it.

This would probably compound the gap caused by 4* mana troops.

Improved reset emblems

The Devs could skip this and just improve reset emblems and their availablility.

If improved reset tokens returned all emblems, all iron ( temporarily exceeding maximum storage) all food ( temporarily exceeding maximum storage) and dropped once per day, then I would reset some of my heroes.


Rumor from beta says Costumes will change classes.

If I have six costumes, and I get a 4* mana troop in a matching color, I may want to reconfigure six different class builds. If I have to lose emblems, iron or food time six, this could become prohibitively expensive.


Eventually I expect trade in Empires. I hope reset emblems become more accessible for another reason, or solely due to trade.

So if reset emblems, or better yet, improved reset emblems, are readily available, players can use reset emblems to keep emblems before trading a hero, or reconfigure a newly acquired trade.

So I see reconfigure button as a quality of life improvement, not a resource management dilemma.


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If there is a topic about this already, I did rapidly pre checked…apologizing…

Why isn’t there a possibility to do a minor reset token on one node at a time or even a few correction

Could be loot , buying with gems…
some gem deal offer for 3 special quest reward,
one every 2-3 months for VIP lol …)

I never take the last 2 nodes because I often don’t want the mana bonus.
I don’t have high level mana troops so it’s really not desirable for now.
But eventually It will.
I take any def , attk or crit. 19 20 nodes. But I’ll skip healing and mana.
Stopping at 18 and sometimes missing on a nice 20 bonus.

Or I took too many health instead of def or attk.

So when I’ll have them troops…
My only possibility to add this 2 -4% mana bonus is a whole reset …
just to change something I already have spent time and resources, with much fun personally.

So the idea of a minor reset, one node only, can’t break a link. (Thus the idea of a 3 pack)

As long as it’s not breaking a link…
In which case you need 2 minor reset…
Only work on a activated node of course
I don’t know about food or iron mechanics would work.

It would add fun

Nice or not

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