Anzogh/Grazul with Triton synergy

Good evening all!

I’m just wondering if anybody has tested out the healing synergy between Anzogh or Grazul and Triton… On their own, I don’t think Anzogh or Grazul are going to keep other heroes alive - though Grazul with mana troops and Triton seems interesting to me.

I’d love to hear feedback from anybody else!

I have triton but not those 2. I have used him with all the s1 healers Kiril, melendor, rigard, bt, Sabina. On occasion Vivica at 3.70 with him too. He is great with them so I think they would be better to as long as you fire triton first. I even use him with gaderius to get the boost plus the Bonus from the same family.

They are used a bit in diamond. Not as much as kunchen though. Usually I see them with other 5* so I doubt people tried this but perhaps it might Provide an interesting situation.


Cheers for the input!

I use him with Triton sometimes. What’s more effective is to use him with an attack buffer like Boldtusk or Blacknight or defense down like Wilbur. Or you could do both, of course

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Triton is a good hand has a good tile damage for a 4* plus the healing after his special is great! Def worth maxing and giving a few emblems too!

Used him n gad n kash in raids before everyone just heals kinda fun

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There is a little bit of synergy, but not a super strong one. Grazul’s heal is tiny, so boosting that isn’t going to result in much. You can really boost Anzogh’s effectiveness by pairing him with attack boost and defense down heroes like Boldtusk, Wilbur, and Guardian Falcon. Someone in my alliance runs Anzogh with BT and Falcon and says they are an absolute wrecking crew.


One thing I didn’t think about was you are not likely to use them together most times though because triton fights reds and Grazul you likely wouldn’t take vs reds. More likely to take Kiril as another blue or Ariel but she more rare. I haven’t seen them together though but it could work.
Triton, proteus, gadeirus is decent since you get the family bonus. Rainbow with Wu and bt to round it out nicely.


I brought Triton to +11 and play him with Ariel and Proteus with success.

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You bring Grazul for her status immunity, so she is excellent to pick into Gravemaker and other reds who have a burn component in their special. It doesn’t matter what colors you are facing when it comes to Grazul, just what the enemy specials do.

Sometimes Grazul keep my entire team alive even alone.
Her heal is indeed weak, but never forget that she can be charged with just 3 ghosted tile.
Other 3 tiles? Charged again!

I don’t know about Anzogh, but using her with Triton could really be a good sinergy.

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Ive used triton w/ all of my primary healers and he definitely makes a difference. With Grazul, he bumps her healing up from 15% to right around 21%. Still not great, but better. My Triton is +3 and still pretty squishy, so id say you want to emblem him up to around at least +7 if its a combo you want to use regularly.

With Anzogh, you’d go from 20 to 28% heal, but with diminishing returns as enemies die because of the nature of anzogh’s special.

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I use Anzogh in a mono red stack with Boldie, Wilbur and Falcon. But I think I tried him out with Triton as well. But - as the healing is dependend on damage - I think, it wasn’t so much better, that’s why I prefer def down and attack up for Anzogh.


Cheers, all! Good input. Yeah, I usually play mono so Triton + reds would be unlikely, but I was wondering if it might be useful to bring him. I’m and replace BT for a 4+1. Doesn’t sound like it :wink:

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