Co-leader and those who wish to advance required

27 Crows is looking for someone to fill the shoes of a co-leader! We’re after players who what to help build a great alliance, advance against titans, crush enemies in wars and enjoy doing it with an alliance who want to progress in the E&P world! At least a level 20 preferred


How many members do you have

18, ranging from L11 to L45

So what is it your looking for help in the war ?

Or growing you’re alliance?

Growing the alliance, plus wars and titans!

Might be interested i am into wars along with my other members

Cool, just yourself, or others as well?

I’m in an alliance right now but they r not growing I don’t receive any good acsention items. I’m pretty new I’ve been playing about a month and a half I am currently level 25. Power varies around 2750 to 3000 depending on who I use on my defense team. I play multiple times a day I have ten titans kills. Usually around 20000 per attack but we haven’t faced anything higher than a 4*. Lemme know if u have room for me

Jump across! We battle 5/6* to victory, struggle with 7’s, 50/50 in wars but we all fight, and we all work together! You’d be more than welcome

I don’t know how to join ? The guys I’m in with now taught me everything

You’ll need to leave your alliance, then search for 27 crows and join ours

My stronghold and everything will stay the same right

Good to see you in our alliance

Good to b here thanks

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