Squirrel Brigade. Come try us out =)


An up and coming alliance looking for some active players. Currently arming our nuts with bombs to fight 8/9* titans- looking to make the push up. Maybe adding some plutonium to make the nuts nuclear. 100k alliance score but is increasing as any alliance is. Check out our roster at Squirrel Brigade. Add me to Line if you like: boobleferry. Happy Looking =D


We have a solid core, reasonable expectations, and an enforcer who keeps the dead weight out. We crush wars (I don’t know that we’ve lost more than a handful) but they aren’t the end all be all of the alliance. A great mix of old farts like me and young up and comers.


One Spot open. An all adult alliance. Fun. Friendly. Very active.


We now have 2 spots open. Great, friendly alliance. You won’t be disappointed =)


Roll up, Roll up. 1 spot.


Sadly one player is leaving. Come try us out. Great bunch =)


We have top players and newbies alike, come learn and grow with us!