Andrie's Minion Catalog

Hello :butterfly:

Here is my catalog of all current minions.

  • Hero: minion summoner, their rarity and element.
  • Portal: which portal is the summoner featured.
  • Minion: minion artwork.
  • Effect(s): minion unique skills.
  • ATK/DEF/HP %: how much will the minion inherit from the caster.

Full image: minions-1 ImgBB

:butterfly: This catalog was inspired in this list Ive did earlier.
:butterfly: My Excel skills are not Pro. I did it for free just for helping. Hold your negativity.
:butterfly: Youre free to share anywhere you want, just dont remove my name and icon, please.
:butterfly: Feel free to point any mistakes or updates, Ill work on it ASAP.

:butterfly: Hope you like it.

For Lantern Minion (Ninja Tower) and Skeleton Minion (War Rule) click here.


Lantern Minion is an optional blessing from Ninja Tower, not being summoned by heroes using their Special Skills. Skeleton Minion is from War Rule: Undead Horde, they are not summoned by heroes using their Special Skills. FIENDS are NOT minions so theyre out too.

That being said, theyre separated from the rest for avoiding confusion.



This is nice. Thanks! My curiosities has been satisifed! haha

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Superjob on behalf of the whole spicy academy


Great job. I think Druids thorn minion is similar to C Kadilens minion that have 15% attack and 15% hp. Druid node only increase chance to summon.

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Thanks for the great work.

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What an awesome resource! :+1:

Thanks for doing it, and thanks for sharing! :clap:


What about lantern minion in ninja tower and undead horde minion from war effect ?


Super cool! :+1: Keep up the good work!

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I am sharing with my alliance thank you @Andrie

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I shared it to the E & P tips line group and they are very appreciative. They wanted me to pass on their thanks and for a job well done.

As I had mentioned to them, I really appreciate these visual aids and Im grateful to players who voluntarily take the time to produce them.


@JeeDee thank you! Many people from there already helped me a lot as well. :green_heart:

@Ranvir Hope they like it! :relaxed:

@princess1 Im so happy to know that!

They are not summoned by heroes, theyre an optional blessing from ninja tower ONLY so I thought they dont really fit in. There are many sheets about the blessings which includes the lantern minion already, like the one bellow:

Ninja tower blessings


I know but I think many people want it even they are not summoned by heroes. I think it will be perfect if you put them and fiend too. Maybe in another table.

They do. Thanks again :+1:

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Has there been a file or table that lists all the current minions that the game has within the game right now? I became a little curious and would be open to even attempt one myself. For now, itd have to exclude the S4/Underwild fiends.

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Click for older list

Let me try to list most of them:

image = Moth minions

image image Krampus_Hero
image image image = Elf minions

image = Guardian minion

image = Raven minion

image = Sakura Fox minion

image = Bee minion

image = Magical Sword Minion

image - Sparrow minion

image = Mouse minions

image = Taunt Card minion

image = Fox minion

image = Replicator minion

image = Forest Familiar minion

image = Undead minion

image imageimage image image = Elemental minion

image = Frost Sprite minion

image image image image
= Jotunheim realm Ice Giant minion

I may add the minion images and effects later if needed. Hope it helps.


What about Druids Thorn minion ?

(I know your list are sort by name too.)


Like if I were to make a table, a good chunk of these various minions would probably fall under the attacks a random enemy and Id include druid talents and cKadilen for Thorn Minions, which Id include like I would include the Ice Giant Minions of Jotunheim.

This is forum gold. Well done. @Andrie!!!

Hope you can edit it to format each properly and include minion stats and skills.

@Mods This deserves a medal. Lol


Theres an info graphic of minion heroes in this post. A more reader friendly list updated with new heroes since that was posted, would be nice :slight_smile:


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