...and minor damage to nearby enemies

There’s someone who can give me more explicit and detailed informations about that?

“Minor”=half damage

The underlying damage equation,.as far as we understand it, is here:


Because a certain @Garanwyn is faster than I am, he beat me to this. He is…sigh…right.


So, for example: Thorne does 480 of damage to the target and 240 to the nearby enemies…is it correct?


Exactly so.

20 characters


Thanx, my friends! So fast and accurate!

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Don’t worry, he’ll slip up one day, and we’ll be there ready to…pick him up and dust him off.


You have to stay online in the forum and forget about your… ups:zipper_mouth_face:

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Is it half damage like weak color attacks?

I thought it was 0.5x ATT stat.

Just like a weak tile.

Wonder what is going on here:

(Misandra,,, hit or miss?)

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That’s an excellent question. Without some more info about the circumstances of the damage from the hits, it’s hard to say.

What does nearby ememies directly mean and is there a difference between the description from Thorne and Gormekk?

If I hit with Thorne and select the tank I can hit all 5:

Just tested a similar setup with Gormekk and he just hit three. Or is it just because of the unusual line up of enemies? I checked it in Raids and there he just hits three.

This is a ‘W’ (or ‘M’) formation. The centre hero is nearby to all 4 allies. In a ‘V’ formation which is used in raiding the centre tank is only nearby to its flankers. The wings have a hero between them and the tank so not nearby.

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I’ve used Gormek against a W/M formation, and confirm that he hit all 5 enemies when I targeted the center.

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