Ancient Egypt is searching one new Family Members

Im keeping it simple we have no actual requirements except for motivation to beat up 8* 9* and 10* Titans (mostly 9*) and participation in War- We have amassed a good War Record so far and would be happy to welcome a new permanent Member in our Ranks. No Messenger Required. There is a Line Group but not needed to participate.

Hope to see you soon

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This is a great alliance and a good opportunity for someone that’s looking!

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@Coppersky thank you very much for recommending us in behalf on the family and myself of course :slight_smile:
Currently at 30 again

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I didn’t think you’d stay down one for long!

Hear ye hear ye Ancient Egypt is in need of New family Members again. All we ask for if your gone for some days or weeks doing Spec Ops or vacation or TopSecret Stuff just tell us Real Life comes First.

2100 trophies, 3400 of power and growing, very active, although English is not my first language I defend myself, I like ancient Egypt

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I have good heroes but need time to max them. Will join you when I have a few of them to 80

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You dont even need 80s or so we are very casual :slight_smile:

Your welcome to join Ber :smile: If the Trophys are to high write me i let a Co Leader lower the Reqs

I am sorry, before your refusal I have already entered another of the same size.

@Ber no Problem your free to join if you Change your mind :wink:

We hit 5-6 stars Titan in our alliance and I manage to do it fine. I need time to work on my Tarlak to hit the high Titan as Wu can’t survive long. My cup 1900-2200,

We hit mostly 9* and 8* the occasional 10* gets a go. I still use Wu all the Time you can certainly try it with us but dont expect being in the Top 5 but you will have better chances with 8 and 9* We have many Members who are in your Range or even lower.

You Topic stay up there :slight_smile:
Well unfortunatly we had some retirements and people going into an well deserved sabbatical. We currently have 5 Spots to fill.
We are still very casual only expecting hitting the Titan and doing all your War hits if possible.
Languages Spoken: Portugese, English, Latvian, Romanian, German, Arabic and Icelandic.
Some Maxed 4* or an occasional 5* would be nice. We are still fighting 9* Titans despite being 5 people down.
So check us out and if you got Questions dont hesitant to ask.
Oh and btw we have many ftp Players as well so no need to empty your Piggybank for us at all :wink: