2 cousins 1 pack

Hi everyone!
@Petao and me are looking for new alliance.

We are two cousins ​​who have been playing for almost two months. Our clan is not competitive and is not able to beat titans of 6*.

Our team power is 2800-3000 and we round the 1300-1800 cups.
We are looking for a competitive clan, to win alliance wars and 8* titans.

We offer a lot of activity and commitment, we are very active.

We already know lot of things in the game… Best way to train, how to farm, how use TC, etc…

Thanks so much!

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We have a couple of spots open in Death, just search 4 Horsemen and click on Death. We are currently fighting 5* and 6* and have beat a couple of the 6*. We are active in wars and have won I believe 5 out of 6 so far. If not then it’s 4 out of 5. Look forward to seeing you there. My in game name is Jrobi.

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Ancient Egypt needs two players they currently are fighting nine star Titans. Top 100 alliance look for @Horus

Hey. Thanks. How can I contact him?
I saw he does not used to join this forum.
This is our team/profile. It’s OK for ur clan?

If none of these work out Trem Tran would be a great fit for you - 6-0 in alliance wars, intermittent 8* kills (you may be the missing links we need), active and social (if you want to be) on Line.

I spoke with him he isn’t waiting for you guys. Go to your alliance tab in the main screen of the game and look up Ancient Egypt. I already told him you’re two are coming

OK! I have applied
Waiting now to join

When you have a home, please let me know to close this thread. Best of luck in your new alliance! :slight_smile:

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We already are in a new alliance. Thanks

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