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I am the leader of an Alliance with 19 members, 15-16 active. I am wondering if we merged or added active members to a full 30 what the differences are that we might see. On Titans we vary between 5* and 7*'s, killing all 5*, most 6*, and some 7*. It just depends on participation and luck, maybe Titan color as well. If we went to 30 active members would we be taking on 10* to 12* Titans? I figure war would change somewhat but it wouldn’t be as noticeable as Titans. Anyone go through a similar change and have experiences? Would going to 30 members be worthwhile or possibly just cause problems and not be worth it? We are ranked 25036, 114874 score (36578/42672/35624) if that adds any useful info.

Not really an alliance recruitment post, but general discussion?

Obviously, the more members you have the more chance of potentially bigger titans, although all members need to be active to ensure this. Add to that higher level players with potentially a huge array of awesome heros, titan level is bound to increase.

We found some titans were unfavourable for us, so we allowed those to escape, saved battle items and got the next titan. We’re now farming 14* titans - no titan escapes!

I’ve found with a full alliance, you have a better chance to be more fairly matched in war. Although if you’re on a winning streak, you’ll progressively face tougher teams regardless.

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I wrote out the Titan loot tiers for kill and escapes for Titan Levels 5/6/7 and 10/11/12, paying attention to ascension item rolls. I thought this might be the case but I wasn’t sure. If I went from A+ or A which is where I normally am at, add members to the Alliance and drop to B or C grade on the higher level Titans (worst case scenario, but possible), I would still get more ascension item rolls (2 or 3 vs always 3) on kills and the probably the same number of rolls on escapes. If I stayed in the A+ or A grade I would go from 2 or 3 rolls to 3 or 4 rolls.

I thought this was the case but didn’t know for sure.

Now the questions remaining are does doubling your Alliance members mean doubling your Titan level? (Obviously with somewhat similar members levels/heros/participation)

And has anyone gone through this? What is your experience?

Finally, any Alliances with ~15 active members interested in a merger?

The real issue is with how you scale against the increased stats of the titan. having not paid attention in the past, the growth does not feel linear. I recently changed alliances and went from a group killing 11&12*s to one killing 7s and 8s. With the drop I’ve doubled or more the amount of damage i had done in the past (if I get 6 hits in)

Ah, the short answer - No! Alot depends on the speed with which titans are defeated. The faster you defeat them, the more likely you are to increase titan level. That’s regardless of alliance size.

Obviously the more people you have, the more flags you potentially have to defeat any and all titans. When we started out we had 11 people consistently taking on 9* titans, 10* occasionally. When a few more people joined, we farmed 11* titans, and hit the occasional 12*.

Now with a full alliance, we’re farming 14* titans. Alot depends on daily active play, and the level of the players in your alliance and their hero roster.

Edit - A, B or C loot rewards are completely random. I’ve found though, the higher level titans tend to drop more 4*AMs in general.

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Давайте объединимся у нас есть места титанов 8* бьём альянс СИЛА ВОЛИ СИЛА ДУХА

Hi Keysersozemxs,
We where a full house too, some ppl lift because off what going on now, we have 17 members that very active and strong. This is what we look like let me know if u intrested in joining us.we taking on 9 and 10 star titans and we got a 80% war win rate.

looking for active, experienced players! 3800+tp and 1800+ cups! [Titans, war, and communication will be required.
Line ID: knutmeg

Thank you for the interest and offers. We have found what looks to be a good fit for a merger and are going for it. I hope you other ~half full Alliances can make good mergers and progress in the game.

@Keysersozemxs, would you like this thread closed? Else you’ll keep getting applications lol

Yes, close please. 20 chars

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I’d be proud to be part of a Russian alliance any day. Sadly Cyrillic defeats me!!


Yes please close.


Ждём вас у нас в альянсе будем рады

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