Alkashard combination strategy

tried to search for this topic but does anyone have a recommendation if a 3* ascension material is better or worse than 30 emblems? Trying to decide how to combine alkashards. I’m FTP so I have more 3* ascension materials than I have heroes to use them on but 30 emblems doesn’t seem like much lol

what do y’all do and which is ‘better’?

Play long enough, you’ll have plenty of 3* AM sitting around. You will always have someone you can use emblems on.


I always pick emblems unless a 4* ascention is an option. As stated above after awhile in a good alliance 3* items will never be an issue, emblems you can never have enought.


the first four times i had the opportunity to combine alkashards, i took the battle items. i’ve not yet finished my Hunter’s Lodge, and the battle items i chose were Hurricanes and Scrolls of Alteration, and each time i was able to combine alkashards happened to coincide with the weeks of Mythic Titans and Ninja Tower. my rationale was that if i were able to compete for top scores in both events, i’d get way better than the 30 emblems or 3* ascension mats would get me. those were fruitful decisions for me.

my most recent combine, i chose emblems because i was provided an option for a class i’m sorely lacking in (Druid) and the battle items weren’t ones i wanted. if you’re sitting on 3* ascension materials because you don’t have the heroes for them yet, then 30 emblems is actually plenty for whatever 3* and 4* heroes you have, especially in conjunction with one or two levels of the emblem quests each week.


Thanks guys for the replies! Yea besides hidden blades I have tons of 3* materials lying around so it makes sense to take the emblems. Unless of course one gets lucky enough to get a 4*

Depends on what you value. For me it would be in order of what I value : four star ascension mats, scrolls of alteration (imo best battle item you can have) then after that emblems. The scrolls of alteration are so unique, usefull and hard to get that I will always take them whenever they are offered to me.also as everybody else has stated eventually you will have more than enough of the 3* materials

THIS a hundred times.
I normally go emblems. I never take ascension mats unless i am in desperate need of the 4* that pops up occassionally.
But if hurricanes or scrolls show up, unless I am desperate for one of the emblems I take them. So i can use them in NT and get the highest reward tier for more emblems.

I combine shards about 8 times a month so thats 240 emblems a month which adds up quickly

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I always go with the 4* ascension mat if it pops up. Otherwise it’s emblems 100%.

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