Alchemy lab transmutation recipies?

For example, the last transmutation I tried was Uncommon Battle Item. I put in two each of the four common potions and the arrow attack and got a Turtle Banner.

Will that combination always get me a Turtle banner or is it random? If it’s not random, what is the mix to get a Bear Banner or an Axe Attack or a Potent potion?

If there are recipes with guaranteed results, that makes the Alchemy lab quite useful to get rid of common stuff.

When you are transmuting to something of the same type so Uncommon Battle Items to Uncommon Battle Items it won’t give you one of your inputs as the result. So for some recipes you can guarantee your result by feeding in all the other possible outputs.


The example was for common to uncommon battle items. With the way some people chart all kinds of statistics on the game I’d expect someone to be experimenting and taking notes on what they get from various inputs in the Alchemy Lab.

Personally I think the best thing in the alchemy lab is just the shards. 30 emblems a week + the occasional ascension material is fairly handy. You are correct that there is no recipe to convert a common battle item into a specific uncommon battle item. What you can do is convert a bunch of common battle items into uncommon and then run the uncommon into uncommon conversion using which ever battle items you don’t need and limit or guarantee your result and get a bunch of shards in the process.

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