After 2.5 years, just got my first 5s healer. Worth it or no?

Finally got vivica from ha10 just now. My first 5s healer. Here is my mono yellow team. Is she worth it or should I go Leonidas to replace justice or mist? Is the pig good enough to where I don’t need vivica? Also, here is my dilemma. I only have 1 tome left and was going to use it on alasie. Here is my mono blue team and alasie. Should I use it on a yellow or alasie?[

Vivica was my first maxed 5* yellow, and I used her a lot until I got Ariel. She still goes on raids with me, but I don’t have Gullinbursti for comparison, and I also tend to run double healer on attack. I have an overabundance of healers and snipers. Her and Ariel are also still my only two 5* healers.

I still find her useful, but her slow mana means she is slow to get going and often is just too late to save the rest of my team. But when she does get going her 63% D boost (when maxed) is very handy.

Now Gullinbursti is also slow, and Viv when maxed has higher attack stats for tile damage. But the overcharging of health may be the deciding factor.

Now since you only have one Tome (how I envy that, I have none currently), I’d personally lean more towards Alasie. I think she would be more of an improvement for you than Vivica over Gullinbursti.

Leo I am kind of ambivalent about. I maxed a second Joon over him.

What sucks is my yellow mono is probably my weakest. My blue is actually pretty decent, but alasie send like such a good hero to have fully maxed

Maybe take Vivica to 3:70 and try her out before spending any 5* mats. I know her stats will be less than Gulli at +20, but might help you get a feel for how her defense buff might help.

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Here is a list of all the 4s healers I have. I plan on doing another c rigard and wouldn’t mind doing 2 more pigs. So when it comes to 4s healer I’m pretty solid on it.

You definitely have a great assortment of 4* healers. And at +20 many of them probably work as well as 5* heroes. But… a 5* hero at +20 really blows away a 4* when it comes to staying alive longer and adding more attack. Even at slow, if you up her defense with emblems she will probably be a lot more robust than your 4*'s. So I guess it’s really where are you at in the game and where you might be moving towards. Do you need a more robust healer or another robust attacker?

That’s a good question and I don’t have a clue lol

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What’s nice is there is no rush. I usually take any hero I might use to 3:70 and play with them for a bit and see how I like them. I’ve got about 10-15 I think waiting for mats. But most of them play well at 3:70 and give me a good feel for if I want to take them to that next step over others. My rule of thumb is, If I like using them at 3:70 but they are dying too quick, or just not hitting quite hard enough then I take them all the way first chance I get the mats to do so if no one else has come along that I like using more.

FWIW I find my 4* C.Rigard+20 far more useful than my 5* Aeron+4. Their stats are comparable, and Aeron has a real battle for emblems with Joon, Wilbur, and Wu.

I have lots of 4* healers, my focus is usually on improving attacking options (which can also include tile damage). For green titans Scarlett is one of the hardest tile damage hitters I have.

Edit: oh wait I have THREE 5* healers. I forgot all about Aeron (sorry dude).

Well then, should I focus on my list tome on a red person then? My red mono is meh and could use some fire power. If anything I would get rid of khagan because Elena next to knight, most people just kill themselves. So right now I have a choice between alasie, marjana, ruebens, or Leonidas of I want to focus on hitter. My blue team seems to do well. Red and yellow are blah.

Cool man. Thanks for the input.

Marjana is a good option and it doesn’t look like you have a solid red sniper. I’d probably lean more towards her over Alasie, but it still leaves the same question as before. Which will you benefit from more, healing or damage? Once you answer that question it’ll make your decision easier.

I really like Vivica and used her often even before getting her costume. However, with only one tome and both Gullinbursti and Lady Woolerton at your disposal, I’d lean towards Alasie or Marjana over Vivica.

Yeah I’ve been sitting on marjana for a couple months and might end up going that route, then alasie, then who knows what might come my way.

True. Might go fire power since I have a 4a healer for every color option. Thanks.

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Trust me, on some levels Pig x2 does wonders. I have 2 fully leveled up, one +20, second +9 and embleming him currently. I like them because their skill heals and does AoE damage. Delayed, yes, but with HP boost you should live long enough to see that damage proc. I use them even in place of 5* healers on some occasions: challenge events, and higher floor of NT where short buff duration means their damage comes sooner.

As for Viv, she was my first 5* healer as well and it took 1 year to get her, but maxed her outright anyway. I got her with her costume though. I am not completely persuaded she is worth it without costume, as main reason for me was that I could make her average speed with costume bonus. Especially since there were no pigs back at that time.

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