Advice please

Posting a picture of random heroes I have. Trying to play around with who to use as a raid team and defense team. Any input is appreciated.

Use the top row as your defense team. Not only are they your strongest heroes but they also have a nice mix of specials. This will also be your default offensive team, but you might swap in one of your second-tier to double up on the point color of your opponent. For example, if your foe has Li Xiu in the middle, you might swap out Chao and add Thoth-Amun.

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Some of your most powerful heroes are sitting unleveled or barely leveled - Boldtusk, Grimm, and Tibertus.

My default map/titan team when coming up was BT Grimm Tibs Chao Melendor and it worked out fantastic. Having two defense debuffers will go a looooong way on titans and in raids, esp combined with BT’s attack buff and mini-heal.

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Thanks guys. I just got Grimm and Tiburtus and will definitely be leveling them up soon.

I’d do BT first, then Grimm, then Tibs. Grimm before tibs because you see a lot more red tanks on defense team than yellow IMO at that level (More BT, Colen, Gormek, 2-3 Ares vs yellow really just Li Xiu or maybe tier 2-3 Justice).

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I was thinking of having BT in the center with Elkanen and Sonya on either side and then Chao and Thoth on the ends. They are all fast when it comes to gathering mana, except for BT, who is average.

Or a team with Tib and Grimm since they both decrease enemy defense.

it depends if you have the materials to take thoth or elk to tier 4, or just tier 3. a 70 four star should be stronger than Elk at 3/70. Not sure about thoth.

Thing about Grimm and Tibs is they are useful EVERYWHERE - maps/quests, raiding, titans, defense. Thoth’s animation is too slow for titans and Defense debuff is critical to bigger titan hits, especially if you don’t have Athena.

Don’t neglect Sonya, either. Her debuff foe’s skill and strong one-shot hit are very valuable. If Neither Sabina not Melendor are going to be on your team, consider her.

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