Asking for hints and help

Hi all,
I am very embarrassed on how develop my teams in the future. I will share my doubts. Any suggestion is welcome.

Before of all: sorry for my english.

I have the following heroes:
Little John

I read many threads and discussions and it seems to me i have all the most discussed heroes here.
My actual Defence team is Onatel as tank, Little John and Melendor as sides and Ameonna and Scarlett as backs.
The reason of this team is that those heroes were my firsts 4/5* heroes. Indeed this team is also my strongest raid team (i put Amoenna in the center for attacks in raids).

I plan to use Onatel in raid and defence teams and Ranvir against titans. Both against a purple titan or against a team with many or annoying purple heroes.
Any idea about how build a defense team with both?
For now Ranviri is still at second ascension, over 2.50, Onatel is 3.70. I have 9 spheres and 5 darts. When i will get the sixth dart i think i will ascend Onatel. If anyone has a different opinion i will be glad to read about it.

Now Magni is near to his 3rd ascension and i think it can get the place of Little John in the team so i will have a strong rainbow team.

When Rigard will me maxed i think he will take the place of Amoenna. I don’t know if it can be a good idea for defence team.
Again: Little John and use Boldtusk (when levelled) or Wilbur instead of Scarlett.
I don’t know if In this team it is better use Wilbur instead of Scarlett. Generally i prefer the fast special of Scarlett (that lower the opponent’s attack too). I think Wilbur is better teamed up with Melendor for removing the sharing damage that Wilbur special give to the opponent. That is why i have so many doubts.

Any other ideas?

Hello, and welcome… good roster.

IMO, Ameonna is the worst heroes at defense, because free to charge mana for attacker without any noticed punishment (only buff att for her slash attack), and after she fire the skill, she is dissapear, and has more advantage attacker to ghost tile.

But, good for offense, because we can hide from slash attack and special skill from opponent.

IMO, focus leveling project for offense, not defense.
I’m not clear which heroes your maxed, partial and unleveled?

Red: Wilbur, Boldtusk, Scarlett
Blue: Kiril, Magni
Green: Melendor, Little John
Yellow: …, Onatel, Ranvir
Purple: Rigard, Cyprian

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I did not mention the level cause my concern is more about a team building. My only maxed 4* heroes are the ones i have in my team. Wilbur is about to be maxed. Others 4* are still 2nd ascensions or less
My heroes are good, i checked many guides and read many forum threads were they are mentioned. I am checking for optimal teams.
I were focusing in defence team cause i use to adapt my raid team to the opponent. Moreover, there are more than one rainbow attack team good with my roster. So i wished read some ideas here. Expecially how change the team according to different teams and titans. Also know which are the weakness of different buildings.
I read already about many debates on which hero prefer, but i know the preference depends on the whole roster.

So,now i think i clarified why i opened a new thread.

my actual defence team:
Amoenna, Little John, Onatel, Melendor, Scarlett
This team has in Amoenna is the worst. Another weak point is against red cause of 2 green heroes. I really like Melendor ability to remove buffs from attacker. Little John can be a pain, but i never had big troubles against him cause of medium speed and attacker heroes probably are about to fill the ability bar. That is why i think to remove Amoenna and Little John from defense team. So i wish change like this:

Rigard, Magni, Onatel, Melendor, Scarlett
I think it is an hard team to beat, but maybe i can do a different team using Ranvir. I had troubles against Wu, Ranvir looks like his 5* version so i can do those options:

1)Ranvir, Magni, Rigard, Melendor, Scarlett
2)Ranvir, Magni, Rigard, Melendor, Wilbur
3)Ranvir, Magni, Rigard, Melendor, Boldtusk
4)Ranvir, Magni, Boldtusk, Cyprian, Melendor

All those teams have good potential and they are all Rainbow. Maybe Cyprian is not that good, but maybe 2 healers can be enough and adding a counter attack can be something different to the defensive possibilities.
If someone has a better idea or has a reason to prefer one of those teams will be appreciated.

if i want use all my 5* heroes i do that:
Ranvir, Magni, Onatel, Rigard, Melendor.
This team is powerful, but only one between Onatel and Ranvir can be maxed for now. So this team should wait cause 4* with emblem 8-9 are powerful more than a 5* 3/70.

Once you get Ranvir to 3^70 (assuming his special skill is maxed or close to it), pairing him with a leveled Wilbur, Boldtusk, and 2 of the strong color against titans should produce some nice damage.

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